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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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Unemployed Public Worker, Wisconsin

All I know for Sure is if Scott Walker becomes President, it's gonna be the GRAPES OF WRATH, 21st century style. SCARY.
—Guest Paul

Pension Running Out

I don't know what I'm going to do. My teacher pension is about to be gone soon and I still don't have a job.
—Guest LaRose Johnson

4 OEF Tours and Deemed Unemployable

I came home from 4 consecutive OEF tours thinking I had so much experience to share and I would land a great contract or Government job. I could not even get a temp job as a receptionist (I have 14 years experience as an administrative assistant for large companies) being told that I have not worked in 5 years! I find a contract job only to be pushed out by perverse middle aged woman with some sort of sick vendetta and now, 5 months later, I am still not employed. There are no family or friends to ask for help. I have 2 children who are grown but my youngest has severe Autism. I am about to lose my home. No agency or organization will assist me with bills of any sort. I will lose all I own and live in my car? This is what I fought for? My American Dream was not to be homeless! So, tell me, especially those with your "God BS", what do I do to keep my 300 square foot studio and not live in my car? I have tried anything and everything. It seems I will have no CHOICE but commit suicide.
—Guest Hopeless2013

Trying for Everything and Anything

I am the type of person that never gives up. I have a long history of success in my career but when the economy began to slide, corporations began to consolidate and downsize, I have been caught up in 3 senior level jobs in the last 5 years that have downsized, leaving my resume with the look of a "Job Hopper". I do not doubt that others have had this experience. I have now run out of unemployment insurance and will not be able to pay for my medical insurance next month. I am relying on the kindness of my friends to help me but that is not my solution. I have been tenacious in my job search and can honestly say I have applied for on average 15 jobs per week for over 18 months. Recruiters can give me no additional advice except to keep out there. I have nothing in assets left. I have redone my resume to apply for lower level jobs in my field but I am still considered over qualified. It is sad that the our human resources are going un-utilized. How do we get above this? Help!
—Guest DD

Only Scam Jobs

58 is the magic cut off. Unemployment ran out and I'm begging for anything. Lots of "scam" jobs available --- you know where they drop you off in a neighborhood at 9:00am & pick you up for a "sales" meeting at 8:00pm, selling "home stuff" like gutters, roofing etc. I'm screwed.
—Guest 58 -will do anything

It Pays the Bills

I start growing Medical Marijuana. Now I have money to pay the bills. I have sent out about 2,000 resumes and only gotten 4 interviews. I am still applying but at least I can live now. P.S. Because I live in So. California it is all legal according to the lawyers. It's nice to be able to pay the bills again.
—Guest Tim Allen

Employ Yourself

Just read through a bunch of these comments – so depressing, very little good advice. Self-employment is probably the only way to go. The laid off are society’s throwaways. My story is no different. I’m 58, and was laid off a year ago. My unemployment has run out. I’m shunned as a worthless loser by my family and ex-coworkers (the “network” is a delusion). They believe that people who can’t find a job are lazy & want to leech off of the taxpayer’s dime. I have applied for every type of job, including minimum wage gigs. I do a lot of volunteer work, and hoped that it might lead to employment; however, the organization I volunteer with just recently hired several people under 25! Young people need jobs too, so I don’t begrudge them – but come on! The only realistic solution is to be self-employed. I just need to figure out what service I can provide that people will pay for. I have tried to hire out as a consultant to employers in my field, but had no luck with that. I’ll try anything.
—Guest wellian

The New American dream

The American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare ......
—Guest Guest

Treated Like a Criminal

Looking for work faithfully 1.5 year, no luck, unemployment ran out. Have worked since I was 14 and I'm now 54, left due to emotional abuse and PTSD. Eight years upper management. Have put out probably 2k resumes. I get interviews although they think I will take the job and quit for a better one so I don't get hired. Lastly are you kidding clean and sober 9 years just trying to make an honest living. No medical trying to stay positive......questioning why I have bothered to continue to do the right thing. I am really struggling as to why. Food stamps don't pay your rent I have always been self sufficient and the system makes you feel like a criminal for asking for help can someone explain. I mean REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I have been willing to do anything for an income!

Have Faith in God

I have been a mental health nurse for 15 yrs. I received my degree in my 40's, due to needing a profession post-divorce (to support 2 pre-teens). On 2/5/13, I was fired from my job because my manager felt I was making "unsafe" decisions at work. This was BS...it was actually due to personality issues, and his wanting to replace me with another RN. Anyhoo, I have spent the last 6 mos. crying all day, every day in the depths of despair. I believe that I am now unemployable, due to my ADVANCED age(57), past credit problems (from 2005), and amount of my salary (I am actually underpaid). CT is decreasing salaries for new RN's, is offering part time jobs so as not to have to offer benefits, and wants nurses w/ Master's Degrees so they will be in salaried positions (another decrease in pay). Since I only possess a 2-yr Assoc. Degree, this is another reason to make me unemployable. Some jobs even make it a pre-requisite to obtain a BSN within so many yrs of hire. I learned all this from online searches.
—Guest mo*rn

BS All the Way

So, I was laid off three years ago, and have not found a damn thing since. Target wont hire me? Seriously, I have a MS?
—Guest enough!

Overseas Buyers Buying Out Orange County

I had one credit card go behind and my credit score went into the do not touch zone. Now, I can't get any loan consolidation bullshit because of my credit rating. What a scam! Currently, overseas investors have been buying out Orange County, California residential. Therefore, Americans don't have any homes to live in around here, because we can't afford them, because there's no jobs!!!!!! The developers think we should find renting is a better financial alternative to owning a home, because it suits their marketing profit program better!!! If the Government allows this to continue, then we may see yet another crash when foreign investors are unable to rent to the poverty stricken American public. We were raped by Wall Street and there is not a single Wall Street Shark in jail!!!! I'm not asking for money, just a loan for God's Sake. F*cking piece of shit Government!!! I've paid so f*cking much in taxes and I get sh* in my face when I ask for a little bit of help.
—Guest Burnt By Banks

Dont' Give Up

I to am a victim of bad experiences of job loss and downsizing my whole life. Every state has programs for the needy. If you qualify you can get some help. Try contacting your church, change your career. It's rough no doubt but you must be strong and think positive. Family and friends hopefully will help.
—Guest DEH

I Wish I Could Help

Here it goes: Go to a place where you want to work and volunteer. At work, ask questions and be likeable. Do more than expected. Open the door and smile. I was cleaning at my laundromat and they caught me. At first they thought I broke something. I said "no, I was just cleaning and you were not supposed to catch me. I did this once a week. Then they gave me money for doing what I was doing already.
—Guest tina

Behind on My Mortgage

I have been unemployed for three weeks looking searching for jobs. I have been thinking about my mortgage which is behind. I can't take this. It's enough when you're working you have to live from paycheck to paycheck. There should be a program to help with expenses when you're unemployed and searching for a job. This country needs to put programs in place now.
—Guest sherrie robersonsubasi

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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