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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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Ms. Kathy

As I was stating, I was found guilty of something I am supposed to do, as every nurse does when they count narcotics coming on the shift and going off the shift. It stated I was out to deceive. "I" was out to deceive? There wasn't one record out of place and the narcotic count was correct! These are lawyers that put on the farce and charged and found me guilty of something that I and every nurse is supposed to do. I was denied unemployment when I was released to go back to work from my injury by the office that takes care of, or is supposed to take care of, problems with workers compensation. No one in the state could or would help me with the issue. I also talked with someone in the ethics committee and he stated that they did not commit any crime ethically by falsely charging me and trying to get money from me for it. The state of Alabama is very corrupt.
—Guest Kathy

Ms. Kathy

I am 53 yrs old and was a nurse for 20 years and licensed in the state of Alabama. I started work at a local nursing home when I fell and injured my knee. I had an MRI and the doctors determined that I needed surgery. The next week I was called in the administraters office and was told by her and the directer or nursing that I had done something the week before and I was being terminated. This was a workers comp issue. They told me that I had put medication in a tray on a food cart the week before, which was a lie. At the time I counted the narcotics with the Director of Nursing and I signed the book, as all nurses do when they count on and off the shift. They reported to the Alabama Board of Nursing that I put medication on a food tray on a food cart and that I signed the narcotic book. I had a lawyer and went before the board and hearing officer with charges that I did this and signed the narcotic book. I was charged with signing the narcotic book and found guilty with a fine and suspension.
—Guest Kathy


Why doesnt the government just do as Hitler did, dig a big hole and shoot us citizens of the United States that are out of work and have exhausted or fixing to exhaust our unemployment benefits? I am thankful for the extensions I have gotten but I might as well have not had them because the government forgot to exclude the "still" unemployed in America in the new unemployment extension.
—Guest Kathy

What to Do

My unemployment ended long ago and no job or interview is in sight. I have been selling online, Craigslist and flea markets, and this is how I get by. This may not be for everyone but it's an option.
—Guest Just

No Hope for People Over 40

I looked at a sample of these blogs and came to the conclusion that if you're over 40 there is no hope for you. Doesn't matter what field you're in. Unemployment helps in the short term but if you don't have other means of support, you will be homeless. That is a terrifying thought to me. I would rather be dead than homeless. I have been unemployed for 3 years now and I am in my 40's, in the medical field, no interviews -nothing! Lost my home and had to give away 2 of my 3 cats. I've worked since I was 16. Now I have to take student loans to go back to college to try to reinvent myself. Yeah, but when I'm done with college I'll have to pay off student loans but I'll have guarantee that I'll ever work again. We need Hoovervilles and safe housing for our unemployed. Oregon will not help those who are childless. You are essentially scr--ed. I need to work and I want to work--why doesn't someone give me a job!!! America's sucks and Obama suck too!
—Guest cameron


I am single with no dependents, 57 years old. Age discrimination is alive and kicking. Those who kept their jobs throughout this recession probably are unaware that there even IS a recession because they're not affected by it!
—Guest pat

Don't Lose Hope!

As a social worker for over 10 years I found myself needing to access some of the resources I was familiar with, when I lost my job in 2009. I empathize with everyone -- it is very difficult to find a job in this economy, especially the longer you have been out of work. Some of these strategies helped me get through the tough times: *Apply for all the unemployment benefits you are eligible for in your State. Sometimes you may be eligible for Extended Emergency Benefits, but fail to receive the application. Stay in touch with the Unemployment Office! *Go to your local Work Source (unemployment center). They have lots of helpful resources, online job sites, job clubs and support groups, and a full computer lab, copy machine, FAX, telephones, etc. Schedule an appointment with a job counselor and ask for extra help. They often know of leads that aren't posted via word of mouth. *Apply for Food Stamps (SNAP)!!! Don't be embarrassed --you paid for them when working. *Babysit, clean houses, tutor
—Guest HopeItHelps

What Do I Do Now?

My unemployment will end in January 2012. I have went through all of the extensions. Now I don't know what to do. I apply to a department store and they tell me that I am over qualified and then I apply for medical receptionist (which I was for years, plus working with Medical Insurance) and they tell me that I don't have enough education. Yes, I am married and thank the LORD he is working. We do have a child in college and he is paying for himself to get through college because we make too much. WTH??? Make too much?? We barely make enough to get us to the next paycheck. They ask why I haven't worked and I have said that I have had interviews but no call backs. Now that my unemployment extensions are all running out I am now unable to work due to having to have 2 back surgeries within 2 months of each other and then finding out that I am anemic but have very high blood pressure. Hum, wonder why I have that. I am only 39 and I am scared to death about what to do. What is happening to the US?
—Guest Jennifer

A Promise for the Future

I went from working in the health field to being in the health field. My unemployment ran out in July 2011. I was homeless with nothing. I went to church dirty and hanging my head. I met someone to help me. But again, to my amazement, I didn't get a job. I've been to countless interviews but I never got the second call. And if there is a minimum paying job, they tell you, you are over qualified. I just NEED SOME MONEY, not tons of money. There are just too many people out of work, and new younger people starting in the work force. For us "baby boomers" who got caught up in all of this, the future is bleak. Employers dont want to hire a 56 year old woman who in a few years can retire on them. I can't believe that our presidents, not just Obama, but the ones before him, did not foresee this coming. I have made a promise to myself and my God. If I ever get out of this mess. I will help others, no matter what the price.
—Guest Hopeless

Hooverville Anyone?

I am wondering if this is our next option....seriously. My UI will run out at the mid January. This means I can pay my rent until mid February but after that I'm very sure my landlord will tell me to 'hit the road'. Not that I have much to move. I've lost my car. No pets. I have my clothes and a small netbook. I cut back bills as much as I could when I first got laid off, but now, I have an $18,000.00 medical bill hanging over my head. (It felt like a heart attack....after a full cardiac workup I was told it was a 'panic attack' and to try to reduce my stress!! HAHAHA....
—Guest MMH

Age Discrimination, but How to Prove It?

I'm 60 , out of work 2 years, very qualified. I have sent thousands of resumes, had a few interviews. I think it's age discrimination. Can't prove it. No one talks about it. How do people like me get a job or benefits after they have all run out? My wife works and has a great job. So, I don't exist ---by unemployment standards. How do I re-open a claim until the job market opens up again for a 60 year old professional?
—Guest Lou

Paying a Price for Telling the Truth

I had worked for a company as a bookkeeper for 15 years, when I was let go because of cutbacks. All my adult life I've worked, payed all my bills, taxes etc. Within 6 months on unemployment I had to file bankruptcy, lost my car and now my house will be foreclosed on. After five months of drawing unemployment, I was offered a job that was not in my line of work or had no experience in doing, plus it was half the salary, so I turned it down because I couldn't pay even my basic monthly bills. Well Washington state cut me off. As of today I have had no money for 3 weeks. My mother who is on a fixed Social Security income had to loan me money for my utitilities and food. My god, I'm 57 years old and totally indigent. The really bad thing is that I was approved for emergency unemployment that's federally funded and my balance is $9,500 but they won't give it to me because I was disqualified for refusing a job. I am appealing it, but by the time they make a decision, I'll be homeless.
—Guest cindi kober

No One is Listening

Jobs have gone overseas, jobs are given to the illegal immigrants, and there's job discrimination for anyone over 40. Executives are young now --mid 20's to 30's-- and the young want to spend time with the young. I am now 50 years old, I've held lofty positions and I have worked all my life. I had to move from Florida to North Carolina due to the loss of a job when my company was shut down. I was only awarded a 13 week unemployment benefits and was then told that I did not qualify for any extensions. I was lucky to work a contract job off/on for approximately 1 year of which I continued looking for job permanency...to no avail. Now what? I have read each and every blog place here...and it makes for good venting. But let's be realistic about this...NO ONE who can make something happen is listening. I wish you all good luck and hope that you are able to make ends meet. Times are harder and looks like it will get harder still.
—Guest JD

Same Boat

I am in the same boat as so many who posted on here. Temporary jobs as a solution? Really? That is all I could find before going on unemployment and they are just that -- temporary. Good paying permanent jobs are hard to find. I don't have a car now since unemployment and a temp agency don't pay enough to maintain one. I have to find a job but I have to use our local crappy bus system, which in my area is almost impossible. Tired of all the bullsh*t I hear to change things. WE NEED SOME BIG CHANGES IN OUR COUNTRY.
—Guest mel

A New Civil War

I think it's time we fight back. We have illegal immigrants working in this country, we have business owners who do not pay taxes, and we have we have a President who can't even salute the flag of United States of America. If I could get enough men who would die for our country and what our forefathers once fought for, I would begin a fight-to-the-end battle. I am proud to be an American, but I'm tired of seeing everything being destroyed by idiots. I know technology has become very strong in battle, but if all who felt the way I do would stand together, man power will overcome all and God will help us!!!
—Guest DJ

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