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How to Handle Harassment at Work

There are a variety of types of harassment that can occur in the workplace. Workplace harassment is unlawful and also a form of discrimination. Here's how to handle it.

How to Create a Professional Resume

Your resume needs to be professional and polished or it won't get a second glance from a hiring manager. Here's how to write a professional resume.

Resume Examples

More than 100 resume examples, samples and templates for different types of resumes, jobs and level of job seeker, plus writing and formatting tips.

What To Do When a Job Offer is Put on Hold

What to do when you have been given a job offer, but the employer puts it on hold. Includes tips for how to follow up and what to say to the hiring manager.

How to Get Invited for a Second Interview

Tips for getting a second interview, including what to do before, during and after a first interview to boost your chances of making it to the second round.

15 Things To Do Before You Leave Your Job

15 things you should do before you leave your job, including how to plan your departure, what you need to handle and how to ensure a smooth transition.

How to Select the File Format for Your Resume

What file format should you use for your resume? Most employers want either a .doc or .pdf file of your resume. Here's how to save and send it.

3 Ways to Find a Work-From-Home Job

Are you tired of the office? Want to lose the commute? Here are 3 ways to get a work from home job.

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

What to consider before accepting a job offer, including how to evaluate salary, benefits and perks and when it can make sense to turn down a job offer.

What to Wear When There's No Dress Code

What do you wear when your workplace or job interview setting has no dress code? Here are our expert tips for getting dressed when there's no dress code.

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