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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Motivates You?

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Achieving Where Others Have Failed

I am motivated by achieving where others have failed, mostly by achieving my set goals and targets within the alloted time.
—Guest mugenyo


I've always been motivated by my family. Without them, I'm nothing. One thing that I say to myself is "be good all the time."
—Guest wynn

Motivated by Family and Ambitions

What motivates me is my strong desire to help my family financially and to achieve my own ambitions in life. I like to give all my support and encourage people that lose their hope. I try my best to left their spirit up and become a driving force to them.
—Guest muy vienne

Find out

Just find out what's makes you feel good or feel happy. I motivate myself by saying, You need to be active and it's really work !
—Guest Palash

Motivation from Job Content

1) Firstly, I look for an opportunity in a corporate organization because they consider their employees as their asset. Hence more chances for personal and career development. 2) It has to be related with the Real Estate Financing/Development as I want to progress further in my chosen field/sector. 3) I prefer to working in results oriented working environment i.e. no 9 to 5 mentality.

Self Motivation

I motivate myself by saying I can still do better, which actually makes a difference.

My parents

I am motivated through my parents and I am also motivated to achieve goals. My parents want me to become successful and good character to other people...
—Guest JAF


I motivate myself through RYP (remember you're poor). You can't afford to waste your time. I say these three words to motivate myself.
—Guest MOHIT

The Team

People I work with. This is what motivates me most. Family and life credo's are always important motivations, but they are all away form you, and what is left, is your team.
—Guest Kimmy

My faith

Firstly God, and then my parents are my motivation!
—Guest Ash

My son

I am motivated by my son. I have to work hard for my son to have all that he needs in life.
—Guest Thembo

what motivates me

to achieve the goals and make me satisfaction and also my boss. Especially I think I get the enough trust during my work

Do the best

I am most motivated by the feeling of satisfaction and achievement of completing a project on time and impressively. I always want to be number 1. I always say to myself that I can't afford to fail.
—Guest karanveer & Rakesh handa


Money, all other answers are lying. they don't like real answers??
—Guest leo

What motivates me?

My desire to achieve targets and meet tight deadlines.
—Guest Obey Mahove

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