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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatest Strength

Responses: 274


What is your greatest strength? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question " What is your greatest strength?"

Meaningful Work

I trust that whatever my job is, it must be meaningful for my life. I must do something to benefit humanity. My aim is to become a useful person during my life.
—Guest Naw Eh Tha Yu Phaw

Patience Pays Off

My greatest strength is to be patient. This permits me to work with many different kind of people and handle difficult situations with facility.
—Guest the last nephite


If I see any an old man or handicapped person, l think "What if that was me?" That is empathy.
—Guest niyas kp

Patience is My Virtue

My patience is my greatest strength. It helps me deal with people in a positive way.

Time is Gold/ Passion

I always see to it that I finish my task ahead of the given time. I show that I am passionate about what I am doing.
—Guest Mariam Alipio

Being Nice

I am a very nice person and will get along with anybody.
—Guest Renae


I am flexible person. I know have to adapt according to atmosphere. My positive attitude never fails me.
—Guest supriya

Bringing Smiles

My biggest strength is working with a team and bringing a smile to my customers' faces. I enjoy having a good impact on peoples' lives and giving people a reason to smile.
—Guest Maria


My attitude is my strength. The way I think gives me confidence to complete my task, no matter how hard the task is. And my attitude helps me to give this frank and bold answer.
—Guest Nirmal


my greatest strength is patience and always thinking positive and being hard working and polite.
—Guest kavitha.j

greatest strength

I believe in myself. I try and try. I am self-confident and hard working.
—Guest hkn

Analysis and Problem Solving

I am good in analysing issues and I usually come up with best solutions.
—Guest Guruprasad


I believe in myself. I do my work with a never-give-up attitude.
—Guest Pradip Chowdhury

Group Leader

My greatest strength is that I am a frank person. I'm also polite, honest and I have strong interpersonal skills.
—Guest irfan

Understanding Others

My greatest strength is that I always read other people's mind, I like take my mind into others and take others' minds into my mine. And one more thing, I always give compassion to all people...
—Guest Kimheang

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