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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatest Strength

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What is your greatest strength? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question " What is your greatest strength?" Share Your Answer

Understanding Others

My greatest strength is that I always read other people's mind, I like take my mind into others and take others' minds into my mine. And one more thing, I always give compassion to all people...
—Guest Kimheang


Honesty is the best policy. I believe in honesty. I will do any work in honest.
—Guest Nataraj


I am able to drift deep in thought and start imagining things basically anytime. This is a strength as this is will be beneficial for me during long boring lectures in class or when I'm bored or before sleep.
—Guest hopeless infp

...'Calculate the Target to Achieve'

I vision my target, form a blueprint on how to achieve the target and then launch on my way; I succeed and gain success this way, and always, with patience and perseverance.
—Guest sawuni

Very Helpful & Impressive

All the strengths which have been discussed above are very helpful and impressive. But from my point of view some of them e.g Politeness and Keep Calm are more likely the same thing. For example if I keep myself calm then it's understood that I am very polite with the next person. But If I can not keep myself calm then I can not be polite in the long run. So what I believe is if we put all these strengths (Politeness, Kindness, Calmness, Patience) in one in a broader point of view which will be positive attitude then it will cover some of the strengths.
—Guest Mr Mansoor

Team Player

My greatest strength is that I am a flexible person, polite, and I have strong interpersonal skills.
—Guest Ariana

Passionate About Work

I am highly motivated and confident person. I am very passionate about my job and this industry which allow me to give my best performance with new creative innovations.
—Guest Mussarat Peerzade


My strength is my ability to understand things and work accordingly. I might have some weaknesses as no one is perfect, but it's never shown up at work. So I'm not sure.
—Guest Abhi Bahhhh

Cool Mind

My strength is coolness of mind. I handle the situation very well under pressure.
—Guest surender

Near Perfect Worker

My biggest strengths are my continuous studying, my physical fitness ,my giving respect to everybody, my friendly nature, my devotion towards my job and my sincere nature. Above all I am a calm person who rarely gets angry. That is one of my biggest strength
—Guest malik sarfaraz


I believe in honesty. If you are doing right things then there is no need afraid of anything.. I believe in doing the correct things rather than doing things correctly.
—Guest vasantha

Knowing I'm Not Perfect

My greatest strength is knowing I'm not perfect and that it's ok to make mistakes. I can only learn and grow as a person from them.
—Guest gia

Motivated By Criticism

I am motivated when others wanted to knock me down, and they said that my dreams doesn't exist. Because of what they said, I will fight for myself and to fulfill my dreams.
—Guest Ana myhien valloso

Use Time Effectively

I use my time effectively to identify my priorities so that I can achieve my dreams.
—Guest mqina lumko

Identifying Problems

My strength is identifying problems and fixing them, and sharing the solution with my team.

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Best Answers to What is Your Greatest Strength

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