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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatest Strength

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What is your greatest strength? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question " What is your greatest strength?" Share Your Answer

Analysis and Problem Solving

I am good in analysing issues and I usually come up with best solutions.
—Guest Guruprasad


I believe in myself. I do my work with a never-give-up attitude.
—Guest Pradip Chowdhury

Group Leader

My greatest strength is that I am a frank person. I'm also polite, honest and I have strong interpersonal skills.
—Guest irfan

Understanding Others

My greatest strength is that I always read other people's mind, I like take my mind into others and take others' minds into my mine. And one more thing, I always give compassion to all people...
—Guest Kimheang


Honesty is the best policy. I believe in honesty. I will do any work in honest.
—Guest Nataraj


I am able to drift deep in thought and start imagining things basically anytime. This is a strength as this is will be beneficial for me during long boring lectures in class or when I'm bored or before sleep.
—Guest hopeless infp

Quickly and Carefully

My greatest strength is that I complete the work as quickly and carefully as possible, leaving me extra time to do other work.
—Guest sk bandhe

Confidence & Time Management

I think that my greatest strength is self-confidence. I believe that nothing is impossible, and whatever work I do, I do confidently. Time management is also my strength, in the sense that I believe "DO 2DAY or NEVER".
—Guest kamal bdr.

My Confidence

My greatest strength is my confidence. I've learned to be and love myself for who I am and that shows in my personality and my everyday attitude. I have grown to be a very positive and optimistic person.
—Guest Cristy

Communicate with Others

My greatest strength is my ability to communicate with others about the problem and take decisive steps to give good results.
—Guest Ravikumr G.C


My greatest strength is my patience; it a great quality to have in this diverse world.
—Guest re

Greatest Strength

To have confidence in my self to achieve that work in the said period, have to learn more things to achive my goal, and a leraner each time for a new work and achieve the goal and be a successor for the project.

Looking Ahead

My greatest strength is that I can see my horizon and head towards it. This makes me more competitive than others and focuses my mind on the job at hand.
—Guest alsoleman

I Trust God with All My Heart

I am here to face any challenges. Whatever happens, God will always there to support me and guide because I know and I trust Him. He will provide for us and give us strength.

8 Hours at 200%

I will not work more than 8 hrs , but I make sure that I will give my 200% effort.
—Guest afzal

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Best Answers to What is Your Greatest Strength

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