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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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General Objective

My desire is to find a stable yet challenging position in a professional environment in which to learn new technologies and skills while utilizing my previous experiences to improve beyond my current abilities. I expect to build a strong business relationships within the company and with clients; and to exceed expectations in all aspects of my work
—Guest Deanna Leeds

Professional Specific

I’m seeking a career in a challenging, rewarding & diverse atmosphere, but not the everyday “run of the mill.” The ideal role would be one which was full of creative opportunities for growth and advancement. I’m eager to utilize my strong work ethic, education, and expertise in area of Human Relations, Management, Customer Relations and/or Marketing.

Career Objective

To be an active employee in your company and to express and develop my skills for the mutual development of company and myself..
—Guest star4vignesh

Marketing/Sales Objective

To develop high level of professional acumen in Marketing and Business development by achieving targets, deadlines, and contributing towards company EBITDA.
—Guest ankush

Ocean Export Specialist

Seeking a challenging position in field of logistics and supply chain whereby my academic background, interpersonal and analytical skills can be utilized and developed.
—Guest Mohamed Samhan

Promotional Model

Represent and increase consumer awareness of the brand, product or service in an exemplary fashion by providing high energy and enthusiasm around product information and product sampling.
—Guest britt

System Administrator

Possessing developed skills that have been gained through establishing and developing full IT projects, networks and infrastructures from initial conception to completion. Experience covers customer liaison, design, testing and successful implementation within budget, scope, timescales and process limitations. Extensive LAN/ WAN/ Hardware/ Software experience. Working cross-functionally within a customer focused, multi-site environment, maintaining the delivery and technology projects, Up-to-date on I.T. developments.
—Guest syed asif waseem

Software QA

Seeking a position which will allow me to utilize my six years of Software Testing skills. This is a challenging and exciting position in the software QA industries where I can implement my expertise in software quality assurance in a manual and an automated environment for utilization of technical knowledge and further growth.
—Guest Zahed

General Objective

To work with an organization where I can continuously learn in the pursuit of achieving functional excellence, thus getting maximum job satisfaction and optimum career growth.
—Guest Shivani khanna

Engineering Objective

Obtain a engineering career that utilizes my passion for Engineering to create a positive experience for the students and to coordinate with other engineers to work on interdisciplinary units.
—Guest Ghazanfer Hussain Surahio

Simple Objective

To secure a position in this organization where I can enhance my technical skills and contribute to the growth of this organization.
—Guest Mansoor Hussain


To work towards achieving the greater success in my career through hard work, consistency and the ability to work with others to achieve organizational goals, aims and objectives.
—Guest Dr.Shady Shokry

Accounting Management

Looking for a position that is suitable to my field of interest. I know I have knowledge in my field of expertise but above all those is my willingness to learn new things that will make me more effective and efficient towards reaching the company's goals.
—Guest Christian

Sample Customer Service Rep

To effectively demonstrate my interpersonal communication skills in a professional environment with opportunity for growth and advancement.
—Guest Pete Williams

Professional Objective

Obtain a responsible and challenging position within your company that will allow me to learn new technologies and skills while utilizing my previous experiences to improve beyond my abilities currently, and also to build a strong business relationship with the company and clients; and exceed expectations to excel within the company.
—Guest Steven Donahoo

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Resume Objective Examples

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