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Readers Respond: What Were Your Expectations for the Job?

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What were your expectations for the job and to what extent were they met? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.


I expect the company to be very empathetic to the employees, like offering a transportation allowance in case of natural disasters like flooding in the area.
—Guest lemmor


I need some authority to implement my thoughts and ideas, and to help advance the company vision.
—Guest Waliul Hasanath

Professinal Secretary Expectations

I expect to work in a place where I can use my initiative, competence and ability on the job and to undergo training and development that will enhance my job performance and be compensated for merit and performance.
—Guest hopleen

Field monitor

I expect to develop, grow and take responsibility in the job by focusing on activities geared towards saving lives.
—Guest samuel ejore

What were your expectation for the job?

My expectation for the job was to be able to utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently and effectively, I also expect career growth personally.
—Guest ghie

My expectations with large heating co...

Were to have great training in selling B2C in the home as well as great technical training in central heating systems. These were well met and I exceeded my expectations in selling in selling to customers in their homes.
—Guest Quality control

My expectation as a chemical engineer

Even thought that an internship or a co-op is the ultimate opportunity a young engineer can find to apply the skill and knowledge he learned at school, I was looking for more than that. In fact I was willing to learn what any classes could not teach me. Developing people skills was what I was expecting more at my internship, especially for being a young engineer it was a great and memorable experience. After a year, I found myself walking from one department to another one in order to get the information needed to get the tasks assigned completed.
—Guest Chemical Engineering

My Expectations

My expectations in this job in your institution that my knowledge and skills would develop in terms of caring patients and to be a well trained nurse, and being a responsible nurse and being flexible in any department where I work in.
—Guest ramain varr


I expected that I would grow with this company and develop myself.

Expectations as sales executive

As a sales and marketing executive, I expected to be well trained, to be able to fully exploit my skills and ability in this field in order to increase the sales of the company and to be remunerated according to my performance. My expectations were met to a great level even though I didn't get the in-house training.
—Guest Riyas

What were your expectations for the job

In my job as a Secretary Coordinator I was able to explore and used more my communication ability, meet different people. In fact when I was hired I thought I will be a typical secretary, answering phone doing clerical works. Yes sometimes if I have space I do such things but more so I am doing what should be my manger work! If there are rejects items for instance he'll sent me instead. I enjoyed being a field and at the same time office works.The most important thing is I feel the job, I love the job and enjoy it! Enough to meet my expectations.
—Guest cath

What are the most important elements

What are the most important elements you are looking for from your employer?

Job Expectations Were Met

In my job as an Activity Asst in an Alzheimer facility, my expectations for EE growth through in-house trainings were met most of the time. I really enjoyed this job as I was able to use my imagination, my ability to teach others, my love of history esp. the WWII era were used in my every day duties. The elderly at this facility were often wrapped in their memories of this era, so being able to reminisce & talk about times that were important to them was really great. I looked forward to going to work & seeing these residents...I was never late for this job, always arrived early & often left late,even after I clocked out. Staff from other depts. & I worked well together, as I would help them whenever I was able. I was one of the few that would recognize that help could come from outside of a dept. & still enable inter-dept. work ethics. I was angry & hurt when I was fired for not following an un-named policy proceedure,& that my intervention efforts went unnoticed/unappreciated.
—Guest Michele

What Were Your Expectations for the Job?

I expect there should be space for best utilisation of my skill & knowledge. I also expect my growth with respect to growth of company.
—Guest K. Satish

My Expectations

I expected the maximum utilization of my skills and knowledge as well as to grow professionally with regards to the course I pursued.
—Guest dhemy

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