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Readers Respond: What Interests You About This Job?

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What interests you about this job? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Love to Learn

I'm interested in this internship because it presents me the chance to learn new skills. Also, I can build a new network through it. The main reason, though, is that I love to learn, and this internship meets these needs.
—Guest Mayada Samir

My Interest

I love working with business people and I love hard work.
—Guest soumitra chowdhury

Use my skills

I've dreamt of working in the corporate world especially in the HR department, and I think this job will give me the opportunity to use my skills and abilities to do good work.
—Guest mariel

What NOT to say...

"NOTHING." Really - this is an answer someone gave me once. Find something. Anything. And know it before you go to the interview.
—Guest Guest WB

What interests you most about this job?

In case of big company: This is a corporate opportunity which will help me to develop further in my career field (Real estate Investment/Financing). I have previously worked in the similar type of working environment and responsibilities. I have developed a good national and international real estate financing/developing network which will help me to create new business opportunities for my employer. Hence, my gained experience/knowledge in Investment sector will help me to perform the associated responsibilities to a desired professional level.

I love multicultural countries

I like this job because it allows me to use my skills and experience in new ways.
—Guest Gringo

Career opportunity

It gives you a better opportunity to explore different fields of work for you to be able to develop your skills.
—Guest marie regoso

Top Strengths

I do have few strengths but let me list out top 3, My top most strength is Leadership, I don’t wait for someone to tell me instead if I see there is a need and it’s of the best interest of the organization, I assume responsibility and take charge and do the necessary to close the gap. My next strength is Networking, in my 14 years of my career, I build a good professional network in a varied departments as well as organizations, this helps a lot when I face a complex issues and need some advice or opinions or a different perspective/view. My third best strength would be systems aptitude, I truly believe in making the best possible use of available systems/programs/software. Human dependent is always prone to mistakes that is why try and automate as much as possible especially a routine work/process. My basic skills in programing helps a great deal in understanding any systems functionality and able to tweak or modify to my needs.
—Guest Mammu

Room for growth

I like the job because it can offer me lots of opportunities to go deep into the fields which more or less refer to before to extend my structure of knowledge and enrich my previous experiences.
—Guest Alan

What interests you about this job?

I'm a hardworker and also I love working with people and I love working at places like this because it more challeging and also I have experience in this kind of job.
—Guest vee

Best of my ability

I'm interested in this job because this opportunity allowed me to use my skills and experience to the best of my ability.
—Guest Priscilla Souza

The opportunity to use my skills

I like this job because it uses both skills and experience needed for this job and the opportunity to use my skills and experience.
—Guest Osaretin Jolly

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