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Readers Respond: Tell Me About Yourself

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Read answers shared by About.com visitors to the common interview question "Tell me about yourself."

Looking for an Opportunity

Thank you giving me an opportunity to talk about myself. My name is Emmanuel Qwabe. I was born and grew up at Highflats. I matriculated last year and now I am looking for a field where I can to commit myself with my positive attitude.
—Guest Guest emmanuel


Hi... My name is Jui. I am very extroverted and love to do many creative tasks. That's why I have chosen marketing as my major in BBA. Marketing is my passion. I want to be a very successful marketer.
—Guest Jui Chakraborti

Sales and Marketing

Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity to express myself. I am young dynamic professional -- an Engineering graduate with MBA in Sales and Marketing with 4 years of experience. In my academic credentials I have done my schooling from Amravati which is located in Maharashtra. My father is retired Govt.employee and Mother is Homemaker. My brother is an agriculture officer.I always believe whatever the man`s mind can conceive and believe can be achieved in life. Whatever I do,I do with sincerity.I believe in my work, I am a self driven person. I like dealing with people rather than dealing with machines. I am very positive towards life.
—Guest Prashant Mohod


Hi, I am Ganita. I have pursued my education for a long time because I like to study. I have a diverse educational background with degrees in Economics, Sales and Marketing, Education etc. However, now, I wish to work and share the financial responsibility with my better half for running our sweet little household. Teaching is a very noble profession and I always wished to be associated with academic institutions, and schools are the best place to be. Being a teacher would offer me the opportunity to learn all through my life. If given an opportunity to teach at your prestigious institution I will put in my level best to fulfill the students learning needs and increase their want for learning. It is actually very important that the students are willing to learn more and more, as an they should be hungry for knowledge. Apart from textual knowledge I would take the charge in mentoring the students.
—Guest Ganita


Thank you for calling me to interview for this position. My name is Shakila from Afghanistan. I've a strong medical background.
—Guest shakila

Hard Worker

I am very glad to introduce myself. I'm anusha. I'm from Kurnool. I am studying B.tech. I am very ambitious and I want to learn new things. I am good hard worker with a positive attituude. I will work hard for you if you give the job to me.
—Guest anusha

Changing Work Field

Thank you, It will be my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Nisha + (Surname). I'm from India. I'm 24 years old. Currently I'm pursuing graduation and will graduate very soon. Before, I worked at (company name) as Spa Therapist. I have more than 3 years experience in (domain name). I like what I'm doing but want to change field to enhance my knowledge. As I'm very ambitious I believe that with my positive attitude I can give full commitment for my designated profile.
—Guest Nisha Singh

Inventory Control

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Deepak Singh. I'm from Nanital but for the past 13 years I lived in Delhi. I graduated from Nanital University in 2001 in science stream. I then did a Gniit program from Niit and now I'm pursuing an MBA from SMU in Operation Management. My Professional qualifications are that I currently work in HNS Ltd, as a assistant manager, and before that I worked with S Ltd. as a Assistant Manager. before S Ltd I worked with HCL. I have been 10 years of rich experience in Inventory Control and warehouse management. In Delhi I live in Lajpat Nager with my wife and daughter. I'm very hard working, self motivated, ambitious, and good team member. Thanks for listening to me.
—Guest Digamber

Thanks for Interviewing Me

Thank you for calling me to interview for this position. My name is Danna Adams. I'm 17. I was born and brought up I Inverness. My family contains 6 people. My mum who is a full time DSA for schools, My step-dad is studying an electrical course and is also self employed as a car mechanic. I have a brother and two sisters, my brother is 6 years old, my sister is 4 years old and my other sister is 16 years old who currently works in a restaurant, while still at school. I love to read several genres of books including history, fantasy, gothic and horror because when I read books it’s like the story is like a film inside my head – the way the imagination makes it come alive, is amazing. I also like being on computers being able to create presentations for anything. You can also go on to access games, emails, company websites, research/find out about so many subjects like the world wars, Victorian days, stone age, Martin Luther king, outbreaks of various diseases and so much more.
—Guest Danna

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Thank you for calling me to interview for this position. I'm 26, currently going to HCC, looking to graduate from there very soon and I am working on becoming financially and socially independent. Regardless of where I work I love to serve customers and love to improve things if I can.
—Guest wengina musa


I am diligent, disciplined, prudent, enthusiastic and ambitious.
—Guest Sophy

Senior Accountant

• Daily and Monthly report to Clients • Handles Accounts Receivables and Payables • Bank Reconciliation • Audit document preparation • Submission of ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) to Singapore • Submission Annually Audit Report to Singapore • Prepare & Submit Annuall Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position • Personal income tax preparation • Export and Import transactions • Assist in setup and implementation of proper accounting procedures, systems and internal controls
—Guest Myat Nwe Zin

Quick Introduction

I'd be glad to tell about myself. My name is Chintu and I'm from Chennai. I just complete my b.tech in Computer Science Engineering in Tanjore Prist University. My family is made up of my father, younger brother and me. My mother is passed away a month ago. I love what am doing ,and I love the people who are there for me in times of ups and downs. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you about myself.
—Guest chintu

First Job

Hi. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Siti Umirah by Razali. I'm 23 years old. I just finished my certificate in fashion design at College Community Selayang. Currently I'm staying at Selayang with my family. Before this I have background in retail industry, in 2 years working experience as beauty consultant at Elianto Selayang. The concept is the same as for asales job. It's all about to handle client with the proper way and the most important is how to make customer/client satisfied with our service. And I believe that with my positive attitude I can give a full commitment to my job. Thank you for listening.
—Guest mimierazalee

IT Manager

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to introduced myself. My name is Manish Godawat, I have 15+ year experience in IT industries. I am working with MNC. I have done many green field projects. i have strong experience in handling vendors.
—Guest Manish Godawat - Pune

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