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Readers Respond: Tell Me About Yourself

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First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I've successfully completed my studies at JKUAT recently and obtained a 2nd class Honors(Upper Division). I pride myself in being a hardworker and a results-oriented person with very high integrity. In addition, I have excellent interpersonal skills which I acquired while I was the secretary of United Nations club at JKUAT through interactions with different individuals from different Universities. More to that am an open minded person and can easily adapt to a new environment.
—Guest Tysh

Hard Worker

My name is Manal Ammar. I'm 26 years old. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I'm an active and hard working person. I'm a quick learner and I have the ability to lead and manage people. I love to learn and teach.
—Guest manal ammar


My names John, I'm 15 and 16 next week. I am very hardworking and easy to get along with. I'm also a team player, self-motivated and like to get all jobs done on time. I have a positive attitude towards work and to the people around me. I'm also very patient and willing to learn new things. I feel I could easily settle down and make a contribution to the company.
—Guest John

IT Skills

It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Asheber Getenet. I did my diploma in 2005 from Curtin University of Technology in the field of Business. I believe I have exceptional skill in IT which makes me comfortable performing different kinds of programming and hardware tasks. Because of this, I have the capability to provide exceptional Computer technology service.
—Guest Asheber

Varied Interests and Abilities

I can say that I am a person with varied interest. I like to observe people. I am a hardworking, patient person, capable of dealing with other people. I love reading books and playing volleyball when I have time. Another thing I'd like to add -- I am close to my family. Every Sundays, we go to church to attend mass. In short.i am an active person.
—Guest karen

Customer Care

I am a hard working person. I have the ability to learn any new skills that are required and I am hard working person with good analytic skills. I am able to be a part of team or lead the team.
—Guest fady

Social Skills

First of all I want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity. My name is Riya Dey. I am a quick learner and have ability to get along with all types of people.
—Guest riya

Dedicated and Dependable

I am a quick learner and a hard worker. I try my best to adapt to different situation in the company. I always show loyalty to the company that I worked for and I am dependable.

Medical Clerk

Successfully completed a Health Information Management Diploma at Red River College and worked related practicum at the Victoria General Hospital. My computer skills include Microsoft Office -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint -- Systems Analysis and Design with an accurate typing speed of 50WPM
—Guest shakila

Be Aggressive but Don't be Arrogant

My name is Bharath Sreenivasulu. I am from Madanapall. I completed my btech with 75 %. I am confident and comfortable (or stable) with all technical and theoretical knowledge of all 4 years. I am a self made person with dignity, modesty and serenity. I am flexible and mingle with persons easily and interact with them. I trust myself and my instincts. I don't banish anything from my life because from everything we can learn something. I am always looking for new innovations. I am not only a hardwoker but also a heart worker. I don't tell lies. My caption to my life is doing good, because if you do good, good things happen.
—Guest v .bharath sreenivasulu


I like to introduce myself. My name is S.Chandra Sekhar. I am simple and self-motivated. I graduated graduation from Adoni on a.a.s clge.my hobbies are played chess and dancing.and i know three languages.my other skills know about c program and html.iam quick learner.thank u
—Guest chandu

Fresher Computer Scientist

First and foremost, i would to thank you sir/madam for giving me this oppurtunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Ankur. I have a. B.Sc. in computer science. I am very simple, optimistic and I'm a team player.
—Guest Ankur Vashistha

Young Graduate

My name is Swathi and I am very glad to share myself with you all. I am young graduate. I completed computer science & engg from Bangalore University with higher first class, 74%. About me -- I am simple, optimist and I'm always willing to do good things. It's very difficult to lie. I love to spend my time with my computer, listening to music. My other skills are basics of computer, c-programming, Tally ERP.9, web designing, HTML language and internet.
—Guest swathi

Serious Prospect

My name is Natasha. I am a hardworking individual who is very compassionate and easy to get along with. I'm also a team player, I'm dedicated, self-motivated and I like to complete assignments on time.
—Guest Nadine

Highly Motivated

In my previous experience, I relied on hard work and perseverance to accomplish my goals. I'm always focused and positive. I perform well and I love getting along with others but I am also able to work efficiently on my own.

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