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Readers Respond: Tell Me About Yourself

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My Strenghts

I completed my tasks in proper way. I have a winning attitude. I am joyous, friendly, and optimistic. I remain enthusiastic and hopeful in the face of odds.
—Guest mujhid

My Aim

To join the fastest developing company, and use my skills for the development of the company.
—Guest mukesh

Tell me about yourself

I am a seasoned professional of 18 yrs in medicine as a PA. My diverse background into areas more than general medicine have provided me much more latitude in my ability to diagnose and treat. As a result, my supervising MD has been able to see more new patients(greater income) and has more time to perform procedures that also enhances his practice. I have managed to double the number of patients seen in a typical day thereby nearly doubling his patient base and income.

My Personality

I'm a young and humble lady who persisst in order to persevere. I believe that when you work towards achieving something it is possible to break through whatever the difficulties you may encounter.
—Guest tlangelani


I'm a resilient worker, self motivated and a team player
—Guest Jubert A.

My personality

I am always a confident person and i am staight forward.I will do my best in my work.I dont like a person who talks when i am in important work.
—Guest sivam

Software Developer

I am an experienced software developer. Most of my projects were on the platform of Windows and .Net. I worked with C/C++, MFC, .Net 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. I also worked with several kinds of database, SQL server, MySQL and Oracle. Also developed some programs with SharePoint, etc. The clients contain government, private sector enterprise, consumers. Most of the projects I worked on were delivered successfully. What makes me proud is the quality of software I developed. Utilizing good infrastructure and framework, practical development process and method, through unit testing, I developed maintainable quality software. I often read books, blogs, and try new technologies to improve myself. The blogger I read most is Scott Gutherie's blog. He always published the latest technology released from Microsoft.
—Guest software developer

Tell something about yourself

It is hard to tell something about my personality but I know that I am an optimistic person who always sees life with a positive attitude. I am a responsible risk-taker who doesn't just jump into risks without thinking or balancing the advantages and disadvanteges of the act.
—Guest coco martin


Tell me about yourself and why you have chose to work in a long term care as a new graduate nurse?
—Guest Nina

About Me

I am young, motivated, and honest. I like winning and learning new things.
—Guest pattie

I'm Innovative

I am very focused. I have the ability to improve on new ways of doing things.
—Guest Babadidi

I'm a Team Player

I am a good team player with the interest and ability to learn new technologies.
—Guest Divyanshu Jain

I Am a Dedicated Worker

I am a dedicated worker who is flexible, willing to learn, enthusiastic, and friendly.
—Guest shruthi tejaswi

I'm a Team Player

Ii am a responsible person, a teamplayer like to be challenged and have the passion to make a thorough success.
—Guest Jane-Ess

I'm Independent

I know that I have everything that takes to become a good designer I am so good with my designs. I keep my mind open when it comes to using innovative techniques and satisfy my own and my employers expectations in the work assigned.
—Guest Manpreet Kaur

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