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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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Have you any advice or tips to share on taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Assessment Test? Share Your Tips

What's Next?

On the Walmart site, my application status says- under consideration. What does that mean? Its been almost two weeks since I completed the application and passed the assesment test. I really want this job. Are they going to call me or not...dang.
—Guest Sammie

Inside Connections/Hookups

I'm from Miami FL, and I honestly have to say by looking at most of the employees, there is no Way in hellllll half of them pass the damn test. It all seems like a inside connection. Somebody knows somebody else that needs a job and Hey your in. The hell with taking the Test and passing, cause they don't call you... Well at least in Miami..
—Guest where they do that at?

I Passed, But...

I filled out a application like a week ago. Today I had a interview but he didnt tell me if I got the job or not. All he said was that I've got two more interviews and I should know today. It's almost six so I guess I didnt get the job. : (
—Guest Crissy

No One Will Ever See My Application

This is very discouraging when employers require all applicants to submit online applications and then are excluded due to the criteria in these test results. Not everyone has the ideal personality and most of the questions are prejudicial in regard to ethics.
—Guest Discouraged

Follow the Leader

The key is to answer strongly agree or strongly disagree (far-right or far-left). No in between answers. Select "ask a supervisor" or "talk to a supervisor" when that option is available. Never disagree with a supervisor. Follow the rules. Don't disobey. Don't steal. Don't do anything dangerous/unsafe. Do the highest quantity of work and do whatever you can to speed up your work to meet deadlines. Be a team player and try to make it so everyone wins.
—Guest Walmart Assessment

Overnight Stocker at WalMart

I tried to take test but it won't let me in. I have 10 years of grocery stock experience. I can't believe they didn't hire me.
—Guest anthony krajewski

Applying to Walmart for 2 Years

I think the best thing to do when the test says you passed is to go down to Walmart itself and talk to several managers over the course of like two weeks. That's what I'm currently doing right now. The hiring manager says if she see my name she'll call. Wish me luck. BTW, I think it's really dumb to judge someone's abilties on a test when you don't know who you're dealing with.
—Guest CEEJAY305

16 year old passed test

The test is easy, just be honest. The want to know if your a jobhopper or if you are a liar or a thief. just have common sense.
—Guest Mike


—Guest brandon

Walmart Test

A set of questions cannot determine your skills and honesty. I have done banking and retail for many years and the questions on this test are really stupid. In all my jobs, I have respected my supervisors & have practiced with high integrity. I did answer the questions with that respect and yet, I did not pass this stupid test. I did read the questions slowly and many did not have logical answers. Who was the stupid person who created this test? No test can determine your honesty or personality, the real you. Walmart has had employees stealing and they had passed this test. Laugh. Several years ago, a manager was discovered stealing electronics and was selling them on E-bay. He probably passed this stupid test or may have helped write this test. Who was the clown who came up with this test idea and rule? Based on this test, you cannot assure employees’ integrity, read their personality type or skills. This test cannot read people's true intentions.
—Guest Tria

I PASSED! 4/12/2012

The key to passing this stupid assessment is to make the supervisor handle any and all disputes, asking the supervisor for help, letting the supervisor have the last say, and answering Very Effective and Very Ineffective to every single question. Essentially, you have to sound certain on every question. Good luck!
—Guest Amber

Most Difficult Test Anywhere!

I have tried on four different occasions to pass Wal-Mart's assesssment test to no avail, and I'm a former employee! I've also noticed that, every few months or so, they change it and make it even harder to pass. It's getting to the point where Professor Steven Hawking couldn't pass this test so how on earth is an 18-25 year old getting out of school supposed to pass it! Those who say that it's easy are more than likely the completely out of touch with reality -- corporate yes men that write the damn things!
—Guest Bryce

The Walmart Test Isn't Difficult

This test is not difficult. It's aimed at finding out how you feel about work, your co-workers, and employers. If you're honest, hardworking, and considerate, and answer truthfully, you will pass. The reason they ask the same questions over and over, is because they hope to trip up liars, who will answer honestly one time, and lie others. If you aren't a thief, and you have no intentions of covering up for your friends thieving, and you intend to work for the money they pay you, you will pass. If you passed the test, and they aren't calling you back, it could just be they have no jobs available, or that you weren't the best option. LOTS of people apply, but only a few openings exist. If you want the best shot, be the most flexible about hours. If you'll only work certain hours/days, that limits them. If you say you'll work anytime, and any days, that makes them happy, and they will hire you first. But then, you have to do it - happily.
—Guest KM

Six Months Wait

I just took the assessment and I got a call saying I have to wait six months to take it again? Why the long wait? It's not a huge position. Just a overnight stocker. I'm a 23 year old college student trying to start a life.
—Guest SephirothCWX

Re-Taking the WalMart Test

This is what walmart does when it come to the test. When you pass the test they keep it for 6mos in computer system. So if you go back and fill out another application you will not have to take the test again. I found this out from the personnel office. This is what they do.
—Guest Brina

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Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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