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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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What's Next?

On the Walmart site, my application status says- under consideration. What does that mean? Its been almost two weeks since I completed the application and passed the assesment test. I really want this job. Are they going to call me or not...dang.
—Guest Sammie

Failed Twice

Well this is my second time I failed. My first time was in another state. I'm in a different state now and I can't believe I failed the test in two different states. Man I guess I'm the one dumb butt here. I don't want to waste my time and fail again so screw you, Walmart.
—Guest beebee

Failed TLA, researched, passed SLA

Hi Guys, I took the first test and failed. Then I did some research and found some hints (always choose Strongly Agree/Disagree) and then took the second test and I passed and it's good for two years. Yay! I'm thrilled and excited to take the first one over again. Thank you everyone for your posts :)
—Guest feeling better

Walmart's Assessment Test

Very easy.. same process for any assessment with any company... answers should be either "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree" for all answers. Follow this direction and you'll pass every single time!!!! ~Former Walmart Associate
—Guest kicha

Technical Problem

I took the assessment test in the store 5 months ago and passed. Now when I recently reapplied from my home computer, I "failed", and will probably miss the opportunity to get the overnight job which they are hiring for now. My answers could not have been that different. I think the problem is that my internet connection cuts out periodically at home. Further evidence that this the real problem is that with my first attempt to apply from home, it didn't register that I had taken the test at all, even though I did. Now I have to deal with the Walmart HR person thinking I'm some sort of idiot or belligerent person. I wish there was some way they could check the answers, because I highly suspect my test was submitted with half or all the answers on default. But no, they can't. It's apparently very finalized once they get it. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to see if I can reapply from scratch. Thanks for playing games with our lives, Walmart webmasters.
—Guest Jared


These tests really make you second guess yourself. I have applied for at least 4 different jobs in the past week and after every test, I really wonder "WOW, I don't know anything" I have many years of customer service experience and I know how to handle the situations when they come up, I use common sense and good judgement, but these tests are a pain in the butt. It's kind of refreshing to know that I am not alone. I miss the old days when it was a simple application and an interview.
—Guest Mari


I applied for an overnight position with Walmart about a week ago. I did the online assessment, answered the questions as honest as I could but at the same time keeping in mind the answers they would want to hear. Lucky for me that most of the answers that I think they'd want to hear were my honest answers anyway. I must have passed because 2 days ago I was called for a pre-screen interview that I did on the phone right then and there. It was just questions that they could have mostly found from reading my resume- last couple of jobs, length of time spent at it, day to day duties, reason for wanting to work at Walmart. She said she would pass my answers on to her manager and if everything goes well I would receive another call for a behavioral assessment interview, and if that went well, called in to a group hiring session. Today I received another call:) Wish me luck!
—Guest Guess happy

Convinced it is Welfare Geared....

What is with all of the questions regarding SNAP and Aid to Dependent Families and Welfare??? They obviously get tax credits for hiring people who are in these situations.
—Guest Sherri

Denied Over Six Times

I applied to work for WalMart over six times and never received a response back to any of my applications. Each time I took the assessment test and gave my honest thoughts I pass. Only downside is I never worked anywhere before, just home based business, so I did not have a resume. Where am I going wrong? I notice that other former classmates from high school manage to get approve by WalMart and are working there but I cannot even make it to the interview process despite the fact I pass the assessment test.
—Guest Lawuan

RE: Passed On First Try

Oops, I meant "I had clicked both "Strongly Dis/Agree" and "Dis/Agree" and passed. So I don't know what tips I can give. I hope I get a call soon!!
—Guest Zee

Passed On First Try

I had clicked neither "Strongly Dis/Agree" and "Dis/Agree" and passed. So I don't know what tips I can give. I hope I get a call soon!!
—Guest Zee

What the?

I just took the assessment and 10 minutes later got a message saying I received a "non-competitive result." I'm not a moron, and I also responded to answers in ways they would want to hear. I applied for an AP manager trainee job, and I have over 6 years active duty military experience relevant to the job, a bachelors degree, and 3 years retail experience. I exceed the qualifications for this position but I get turned away for a silly assessment? Wow... Just ridiculous! Oh right, you guys want advice: HELL IF I KNOW. I have no idea how I failed. According to everyone else on here, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Some people say they used nothing but Strongly Agree/Disagree, others only Agree and Disagree, I don't know what the hell is going on with that assessment!
—Guest military guy

I Failed this Moronic Test Too!

My wife worked for Sam's Club a few years ago and for personal reasons had to quit. So, now she wants to find part time employment with them again. Now, admittedly, she cannot take this test (foreign national) by herself so I've been taking this test for her. Well, I've failed it TWICE! I am not a person without 'life skills' and am humbled by these fails. The questions are ambiguous and sometimes are, frankly, unanswerable in a 'right or wrong' context. In my opinion, these HR dopes they're hiring to design these tests need to have some psychological testing imposed on them. This process is clearly loony!
—Guest Retired Engineer

Associated Sales

I really would like to work there because it will be a great challenge for me beside I need the money. I have a daughter. In college I have been on my job for over six years. I think it be a great place to work.
—Guest kathy Gambrell

Actual Tips

Most of the "tips" being submitted seem to be from disgruntled applicants who never actually made it, which depreciates the value of a tip. One thing to understand that the computer grades your test on a score of 1-10, and the lower the value the lower your chances of being considered. Another thing to know is that Walmart updates its system every Tuesday, so if you didn't get a call within the week, try again next week on Tuesday as early as possible or try to call them yourself to show further interest. When answering the assessment, it mainly centers around personality and character. Choose the least confrontational approaches to solving issues, which is to inform a supervisor instead of trying to solve it yourself. Only choose "strongly disagree" or "strongly agree" to that set of questions as well. My step-uncle works for Walmart and I had him do the test for me since he knew all the correct answers, so if you have any friends or relatives, ask them to help you out.
—Guest asdf

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Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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