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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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I Don't Know How I Failed

I took this test twice before and I guess I failed both cause I didnt get a call back for a job. I dont know how I failed cause I answered ever question honestly. I guess you have to lie to pass
—Guest AM

I Didn't Know the Test Would be So Long

I was thinking it would be brief. I just didn't know that the test alone would be so long.
—Guest anissa

I Passed

Just gotta look at the question with "Walmart Logic" and your golden =]
—Guest Kevin

I Passed, Here Are Some Tips

For the first and middle portions of the test, try to create a scene of your head based on the question they asked. Take each response, and think about what might happen if they response was implemented in that situation. For the agree/disagree portion, the only right answers are "Strongly Agree, Strongly Disagree". This portions tests your honesty. When someone asks you a question that requires the simple "yes/no" response, their not asking for something in between, that's how they can tell you are lying. There is also another portion of the test that asks you the most effective and ineffective way to deal with customers. I know an expert sales representative that provided me with tips before i took the test. Just copy and past half of the question on Google and it'll tell you some tips relative to the question, and think about which tips fits into the right choice on the test. I passed the test recently, so I'm waiting on the call.
—Guest Geoffrey Evans

I passed!

Extremes is the way to go. YES or NO, no gray answers. This is the second time and that method was successful.
—Guest Nick

Be Honest

I passed the test. I wish to receive a call for a job offer asap. It was easy.
—Guest judiscolon

I Passed the Walmart Test

I just passed the walmart app. I had taken it once before and answered every question as openly and honestly as possible....gray areas and all. This time Ileft no room for wishy washy answers. all or nothing. "What would walmart want?" it doesn't seem like a very realistic app though. it asked if I was forced to move due to the hurricane that happened a few years back. WHAT?! How does that matter at all?? anyway,...just answer in yes and no's...no gray areas and be consistent in your answers... you should pass.
—Guest achieved

I Failed Too

I answered honestly- a lot of middle answers. I agree with "Ridiculous" and "Passed on the second time"
—Guest Lisa

I Passed!

It is so easy - just read the questions carefully and you will be confident in the end. It is so easy, trust me.
—Guest sophia merrill

Failed the Test

I took the test and failed. Judging from these responses here they pretty much want you to lie when taking the test. I understand the no middle ground idea but when I think of the questions it is a lie. I am confident in my abilities to do my work? Hmmmm...if I am cutting up metal and welding it back together then yes, completely confident. If I am poking around in someones chest during open heart surgery,not so much. So, in my opinion to answer an open ended question with conviction is a lie; but hey, that is just me.
—Guest Nathan

I Failed!

So, I took the test and failed. My philosophy is that customers come first, right or wrong, i don't steal or lie, and if I can handle a problem without going to a supervisor, I will. I answered accordingly. Apparently, that's not what they want.
—Guest Annoyed

Test Question

Does it tell you if you fail or pass? It didn't tell me anything.
—Guest danielle


The test is a no brainer.... stay off the fence go hard or go home. It takes just a few minutes to take but remember just keep a strong answer think YES or NO..
—Guest King Of Wal-Mart Test


I think the whole pre test think suck really bad who ever made this up is a ass hole pre test that!!!!!!
—Guest nee-nee

Online Walmart Evaluation Test

I thought there were allot of grey areas there, but I also can see the reasons for the questions as well, you have to look at the questions and ask yourself, what is the fear in the mind of the company asking it. Basically if you know right from wrong, and you can deal with difficult situations in a rational and not an inflammatory manner, and whether or not you are confident in your decision making abilities, these are the reasons they ask these types of questions. Everyone handles tense situations differently, and Walmart wants employees who are level headed and trustworthy. If I were hiring an individual, I would want that, wouldn't you? Unfortunately someone convinced Walmart this is the way to screen out potential employees, I don't necessarily agree this is the best way to do it, but it is the way they have chosen so we have to live with it.
—Guest Mark

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