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Readers Respond: Good Excuses for Missing Work

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Co-worker's Excuse

Yesterday my coworker couldn't make it to a meeting on time because he got bitten by a tick and his wife made him go to the doctor to have it checked out.
—Guest Buddy Bear

Food Poisoning

I was having back issues and didn't feel up to going to work one say so I called in and said I was sick and couldn't come in. When my boss asked why I told him that I have some stomach issues, probably from what I ate last night and I might have food poisoning.

The Family Taxi Driver

Tell the boss that your grandma is coming from somewhere and you got to pick her up at the airport
—Guest demolish

If You Live in an Apartment

Make sure you call about an hour ahead and say that you're being questioned by the police. Say , "I'm not in trouble, or didn't do anything wrong, but there was an incident in my apartment building yesterday and they need me and a few others to come in for a written statement also." I live in a high rise apt. I used it today. It worked.

Teachers Meeting

You tell your boss that you have a meeting with a professor or school advisor
—Guest thecollegeman

Pregnant Girlfriend

I wouldn't exactly use this if you're married and people at your work know it, because then there's rumors and people are going to wonder what's going to happen. I use the "girlfriend" pregnancy over the "wife" pregnancy simply because a girlfriend or 1-night-fling sort of thing and so are more secretive and are easy to get away with. Only use this exuse ONCE (in the same job), in case that wasn't obvious. Multiple pregnancy excuses may have your boss wondering if you work for them, or maybe a escort/pimp service, haha.
—Guest Abe

FAKER! But Am I Really?

I don't get paid for sick days but I called in today saying I had an injury and I feel awful. My boss has recently told me the only reason I should not show up is because I'm DEAD! Truth is that I drank last night and Im having crazy anxiety because my spouse is away and I'm coming to terms with my alcoholism.
—Guest Anita

Have to pick Mom Up

I once told my boss that my mom had gone shopping and accidentally spent her bus fare money and she had no way of getting back home.
—Guest my bird

Well Pump

If your house is on well water, say that the well pump was struck by lighting . No water, so you needed to go to a relatives to shower.
—Guest George

What's Going Around

Just about anytime you tell someone that you have that (fill in the blank) that's going around, they will recall someone they know, or maybe even themselves, having been ill with it recently. Just don't use it too often and you should be fine.
—Guest Henry

Sick Kids

Use the kids as an excuse. They can't doubt it and then you don't have to pretend to be ill at all, obviously not too bad though (don't tempt fate). Fever and diarrhea should cover it.
—Guest Tommy lad

Top Excuse

We got burgled in the night. My husband has nearly killed the offender. He is in custody right now.
—Guest HRH Clare

Daughter's Recital

I called in and told the "Boss" that I had a recital to go to for my daughter but I only call in when I know she won't answer/
—Guest n_fresh33

Sick/Personal Day

I get no personal/ sick days. All time off is counted against you. For every 40 hrs of missed work you lose an hour of vacation pay for each vacation. We work 60plus hrs a week 6 days a week 10-12hr shifts. The company chooses our vacation time for us and our monthly production bonus suffers by a quarter for missing one day during the month (about $200) but they will accept any excuse you give them for missing no more than 2 days of work (they get a higher production bonus cause there's 200 more dollars in the pot to divide). I can't afford to go to an interview. The production bonus is usually 500-600 per month but take taxes and 200 off that. I have 4 kids and a great wife with a understanding boss to make it work. I need a "call in dead" day.
—Guest greenie

School Related Excuse

I've gotten out of work by saying stuff like "I can't come in because i have a major paper due on Tuesday." or "i need to study for my finals for tomorrow" usually works. Just make sure you use them appropriately.
—Guest Erica

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Good Excuses for Missing Work

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