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Readers Respond: Good Excuses for Missing Work

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Family Meeting

I can't work because I have to attend a family meeting. This excuse got me out of work a few times. It's really useful. Good luck using it.
—Guest omg it worked

Screw Work for Today!

Call in and say I was on my way but my car is not starting. I think my battery is dead.
—Guest vixen

Use Tragedy Whenever Possible

Told my boss that a sibling (any family member will do) with substance abuse problems was recently admitted to the emergency room with little detail provided otherwise. It is easy to cover up this fib with a multitude of fake reasons later (drug overdose, cardiac arrest, stroke, blood poisoning, etc). You will feel like a terrible person afterwards but at least you will get the day off, or weeks if you can add a sudden fake death wrap to the story!
—Guest ttl


Feeling depressed and drained, can't cope with a death (or split up). That should get you a week off.
—Guest dean

Acceptable Excuse

Had low BP and headache too. I was on my way to the office when suddenly i fainted on the way. People around helped to get back home.
—Guest VJ


This is a bit of a lie. I told my employer in advance that I couldn't work in the next few days due to an upcoming seminar in college that I should attend. To be honest it is for another job though. This was in person and it made me feel a bit guilty but it works.
—Guest purplestack

Bitten by a Black Widow

I got to get out of work for a couple of days after being bitten by a black widow spider. I was actually bitten the day before on my day off and I called in the next day to inform that i needed some rest. You go on the internet to find a picture of a said bite. Most adults survive bites from this spider because they only come down with flu like symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, and abdominal pain.
—Guest Trevor

Co-worker's Excuse

Yesterday my coworker couldn't make it to a meeting on time because he got bitten by a tick and his wife made him go to the doctor to have it checked out.
—Guest Buddy Bear

Food Poisoning

I was having back issues and didn't feel up to going to work one say so I called in and said I was sick and couldn't come in. When my boss asked why I told him that I have some stomach issues, probably from what I ate last night and I might have food poisoning.

The Family Taxi Driver

Tell the boss that your grandma is coming from somewhere and you got to pick her up at the airport
—Guest demolish

If You Live in an Apartment

Make sure you call about an hour ahead and say that you're being questioned by the police. Say , "I'm not in trouble, or didn't do anything wrong, but there was an incident in my apartment building yesterday and they need me and a few others to come in for a written statement also." I live in a high rise apt. I used it today. It worked.

Teachers Meeting

You tell your boss that you have a meeting with a professor or school advisor
—Guest thecollegeman

Pregnant Girlfriend

I wouldn't exactly use this if you're married and people at your work know it, because then there's rumors and people are going to wonder what's going to happen. I use the "girlfriend" pregnancy over the "wife" pregnancy simply because a girlfriend or 1-night-fling sort of thing and so are more secretive and are easy to get away with. Only use this exuse ONCE (in the same job), in case that wasn't obvious. Multiple pregnancy excuses may have your boss wondering if you work for them, or maybe a escort/pimp service, haha.
—Guest Abe

FAKER! But Am I Really?

I don't get paid for sick days but I called in today saying I had an injury and I feel awful. My boss has recently told me the only reason I should not show up is because I'm DEAD! Truth is that I drank last night and Im having crazy anxiety because my spouse is away and I'm coming to terms with my alcoholism.
—Guest Anita

Have to pick Mom Up

I once told my boss that my mom had gone shopping and accidentally spent her bus fare money and she had no way of getting back home.
—Guest my bird

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Good Excuses for Missing Work

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