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Readers Respond: Good Excuses for Missing Work

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I told my boss I caught a rash at work the day before my day off.
—Guest Maria

Dog Got Hurt

I was fighting with my boyfriend and didn't feel up to flipping some burgers. So I waited until I was already late to call and had to think of something fast. I said that my sister and I took my dog to the park and she let the leash go. A huge mastiff came over and attacked my poor little doggie and she was bleeding badly. It worked with one manager but they other gave me such an attitude. Who gets mad over a hurt puppy? Would work if your boss had a heart.
—Guest tired of my job

Car trouble

Say you couldn't go to work because some teenagers who live by you slashed your tires, then take a picture of a tire you don't need and show the pic to your boss. That should work for about 2 days.
—Guest 9thgradegirl

Terrible Dinner

Say you have food poisoning. Who wants to have a vomiting employee at work?
—Guest Anon

On the Move

Could always use the classic "I'm helping my ______ move," or "Sorry I was house sitting and I missed your call." Include at least one "sorry" in your explanation. I've also used "My battery is dead, I'll be late today," so I could go to another job interview before work. haha. :) But be careful with that one... If you've got a brand new vehicle that probably won't work. I always say, keep it simple. You don't want to forget your own stories. The simple "I'm sick, can't make it in," works for me every time, but don't do it too often. And if plausible, be honest. You'd be surprised how much you can get away with.
—Guest lemonkinks

Dirty Uniform

I won't be in to work because I am waiting for the Maytag repairman. He is coming to fix the washing machine so I can wash my uniform for work.
—Guest ungrateful

Good Excuse

Have to go to church...legally they can't fire you over it.
—Guest Ryan

Car Accident

My mom( or dad, brother, etc) was in a car wreck. I used this one last night to go home early. I'm thinking about taking today off then when I go back, I'll tell them it wasn't too bad. She had whiplash, bruised ribs and a cracked collarbone.
—Guest Casey

Dog was Alone at Home

I will not be able to work today, as I have the responsibility of feeding my dog as there is no one at home, except me and my dog. Thank you. Sorry
—Guest Rajesh

Pick Up My Sister from Airport

I told my boss that my sister is coming. It is her ffirst time flying and I had to go and pick her up.
—Guest Joy

Intermittent Ignition, Car Won't Run

You have been having a problem with your truck quitting with no explanation. You will need to wait for a tow and find another way into work.
—Guest Kolton Johnson

Court Appearance

You're in debt And will lose your house so you have to spend all day in court to save your house .
—Guest niamh Rafferty

Non-Tragic Family Event

Say that you have a family commitment. If your boss asks what it is say that it is a surprise X year's birthday party for Y relative. It works. Also if you work in fast food a head cold or a chest infection is enough.
—Guest Mr X

Car Accident

I was in a car with friends and they hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian is fine but they want everyone to stay to view the scene.
—Guest Ellie

Bad but it Gets it Done!

I called in and said I had a family emergency just happened. I had to go into detail so I said my cousin lost her baby and we have to go to the hospital ASAP! I know it's horrible but hey it worked. Tragedy always works.
—Guest JCuts

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Good Excuses for Missing Work

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