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Readers Respond: Funny Interview Questions

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There are questions that you shouldn't be asked during a job interview. Read funny interview questions shared by About.com site visitors and if you've been asked a bad interview question, add it to our list.

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I was asked if I was part African. I am not part African.
—Guest Jordan

Smoke if Got 'Em

I applied at a gas station and was asked if smoked. I've worked for gas stations before, as stated on my resume. I simply asked how it was relevant to the position and she refused to tell me. So I refused the answer. Never got the job though lol.
—Guest Ben Dover


I had two separate awful interview experiences I just had to share after reading this page. Once, when I was married, I was asked what are your family planning plans? Their were two men in the room interviewing me and as a lady I was mortified. I calmly replied No plans as such but whatever God has in store. He laughed out loud and said God is there but we also have a hand in the situation.. even the other gentleman was embarrassed and I said point blank I'm not planning and that's the end of that discussion. I walked away thinking this guys an ass. I got the job offer and I turned it out just because of that experience. Another experience... I had recently separated from my husband and the interviewer asked why I had moved countries in my youth. I explained my parents had separated which is what led to my relocating with my mother at a young age. He made a snide expression and said your parents are divorced, you're separated.. what's the problem? haha.. The nerve of some people.
—Guest Guest Abroad


When I was in an interview for physical therapy school, at the end the interviewer asked me if I were to buy him a drink at the bar, what would it be and why. I thought it was a fun end to the interview but probably awkward for someone who doesn't drink.
—Guest Lisa Renee

I'm Not an Animal

Question: "If you were an animal, which and why?" This really confused me since I had no idea what to answer, but it's possible they'd throw this out there. I was applying at Port of Subs, so this question could potentially go anywhere.
—Guest Dan

From the Assistant Manager

During an interview, the Assistant Manager for the department said to me, "I don't know what your relationship status is, but there are a lot of single guys that work here."
—Guest Female Guest

Knowledge of Sloths

If you were a sloth, would you climb a tree or a house?
—Guest callum

Background and Experience

What experience do you have that is relevant to this position?
—Guest claude


When once offered a job, the employer offered the compliment, "You're the first female producer we've ever hired!" I felt quite proud... for about 3 seconds. That's when it hit me: it was 1995, so what did that say about the company?! I respectfully declined the offer, and joined a rising competitor within days. So glad I had that woman's intuition!


If you were food, what type of food would you be?
—Guest Jack

From an Applicant

Can you give me cab fare so I can get to my next interview?
—Guest Guy B.

Will You Go Out With Me?

Would you like to go for drinks after we finish up the interview?
—Guest Guest

What Do I Want to Be?

I'm a middle aged man and I was asked by a twenty-something interviewer what I wanted to be when I grew up.
—Guest Pierre M.

Funny Interview Question

I don't think the interviewer meant it, but it didn't come out quite right when I was asked how weird I was - or wasn't.
—Guest Jill

Interview Question

How many kids do you have? How old are they? How long have you and your husband lived in this area?
—Guest Edith Richardson

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Funny Interview Questions

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