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Readers Respond: Bad Interview Answers

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From the article: Worst Interview Answers
There are answers that you shouldn't give during a job interview. Read bad interview answers shared by About.com site visitors and if you've blown an interview (which can happen to anyone) and given or heard a bad interview answer, add it to our list.

Here are some of the worst interview answers you should avoid at all costs when you are interviewing for a job.

Also take a look at the best answers for common job interview questions.

White, Middle-Aged and Unemployed

I've been out of work for 3 years now. I can't get a job because I'm too old -- at 48! This black lady and I both applied for a hospital billing position in Hillsboro, Oregon when we knew we were going to be laid off. She's slightly older than me but we both have the same experience. She got the job. I didn't even get called in for an interview! She didn't have to lose her dignity and she was able to keep her severance whereas, I lost my home and and I'm living with relatives. My life is sucks! I can't stand it anymore. I have nothing. Good luck finding an apartment in Oregon with nothing and no job. I was forced to go back to school and take out student loans. I realize now I probably won't be able to pay them back because I won't have a job! I am single and childless. Oregon gives you NOTHING unless you have a kid. So unfair! I would rather die than be homeless. The union job I had didn't give me a pension, just severance and that's about used up, so I need a job. I'm sick of being discriminated against!
—Guest cameron

Think b4 you speak

Had a question about the biggest decision I've had to make. I replied, "Coming to that interview because if I got the job I'd have to move away from all of my friends and family." Had a great interview besides that, didn't get the job.
—Guest Joe

I Blew It

I knew I had blown it as soon as I saw the look on the interviewers face after I told her I didn't have child care lined up, but would arrange it as soon as possible. I shouldn't have said anything about it.
—Guest Jillian

Why He Lost His Job

I had a job applicant who told me he lost his job because he couldn't pass a drug test, couldn't pay for his car to get fixed, and didn't have bus fare.
—Guest Guest

Tell Me About Yourself

When I asked an applicant to tell me about herself, she went way overboard. I heard about the bad ex-husband, the ill and elderly parents, and the out-of-control kids. Way too much information!
—Guest Stella Marie Jenning

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