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Readers Respond: The Worst Job Interview Outfits

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When you are dressing for a job interview, what you wear makes a difference. What's the worst job interview outfit you've seen or that you have worn, before you knew what to wear? Share The Worst Clothes

In response to Guest Cara...

"Fat girl in her late 20s..." Perhaps she was hired because despite her weight and appearance, which you've been callous enough to mock, she has far superior skills in writing than your own. Did you write ''WTF'' and ''LMAO'' anywhere on your application? You write and sound like a child.
—Guest AW

Teenagers Waiting to be Interviewed

Went to an interview once at a "jeans" company at the local mall. I was dressed appropriately (dress slacks, nice shirt, dress shoes). 1 girl came out after being interviewed- VERY skinny/tall... black shiny form-fitting leggings, white mini-crop top, black flats.... other girls-in casual clothes (what you'd wear to school/jewelry in excess). While waiting, they leaned against displays, slouched in near chairs (I stood), had their hair in their faces (mine pulled back), popped gum, played on their iphones... etc... Is that the "NEW" way to go to interviews nowadays? am I that far behind in times???...............
—Guest maria

To "Don't Be So Judgmental"

News flash: Corporate America is judgmental and appearance-oriented. They will not change. Don't like it, then don't work for them. Otherwise, learn how to play the game.
—Guest Moon star

Casual company interview clothes

Bring your interview clothes in a dry-clean bag, leave them in your car. Change at the last possible minute in the restroom, or stop & find a fast-food place and change in their bathroom. There is also the "I have a funeral/wedding/date" after work excuse. Make them think you have a social life, even if you don't.
—Guest Amethyst


I am at a one stop shop aka county jobstore on a daily because I am currently out of work. The people coming in there for their required hours amuze me the way they dress. Most are in the pj's or in ripped up t-shirts with the c-section scars hanging out. And the hygeine is crazy as well, some come in smelling like they just came from a drinking binge, or a drug house. Others look like they don't own a hair brush or toothbrush. Just because you get welfare, you don't have to dress like the homeless, considering the county has a clothing bank with a lot of nice things, as well as a non food bank.
—Guest sassysea


I once had an on campus interview for a technician job. I was running from between classes so I just showed in half camouflage and half comedic T-shirt. I figured since it was on campus, it was more casual or forgiving. When I was waiting outside, everyone was in collar shirts. I was embarrassed and worried, but still ended up being chosen for the job. :-) I got lucky!
—Guest CollegeKidK

Presentation is Everything!

A woman and I were both in training at our new jobs, and she showed up to do a 2-day workshop in a super bright pink jacket and skirt that were obviously out of date, and she hadn't prepared for the workshop at all. I found out that she bought all her clothes second hand, and it was actually embarrassing to be seen with her. It unfortunately made a lasting impression in the office.
—Guest Guest P

Worst Interviewee

A very good looking fellow wore a beautiful green suit and was so handsome. In the interview, he told me how he got his ex-girlfriend, the "town bike" pregnant ... twice. The clothes definitely didn't match his personality, and he didn't get the job!
—Guest Pam

Surprised to get a Call Back

I showed up to a job fair in green skinny jeans and a sweater. It was kind of a surprise thing and I hadn't prepared for it at all. I felt so embarrassed and out of place, but I was confident, until I got in for an interview. I ended up being very nervous because of my anxiety and ended up stuttering and saying "um.. So.. Yeah.." A lot but I got a call back for a second interview and I am so grateful and shocked. This time I will make sure I am more prepared and dressed more appropriately.
—Guest Green Jeans


I went for an interview in a full suit. The guy sitting next to me was wearing a zebra onesie.
—Guest James

Factory Interviews

People please remember one thing....dressing for success means success for the position your applying for. I can't take someone onto a production floor in a skirt. It's just not safe. So please remember that for a factory nice jeans, no holes, rips etc. and a pair of work boots with a nice shirt or blouse will be MORE than enough to get the position.
—Guest kariann

Look in a Mirror First!

I was 18 yrs. old at the time and had just moved to the big city to go to college and 3 yrs. of apprenticeship prior to moving. I was applying for a job with a recommendation from a guy in my church that had known me most of my life. He was even at the hospital when I was born as my family and his had been friends for generations. They worked in the same industry. I was leaving a class that had run a little late and changed into a suit in the back of my then boyfriend's car on the way there. I didn't know until after the interview that the dickie I was wearing under my jacket wasn't tucked in and was bunching weirdly around my neck. I did not get the job and the guy who I had known literally my whole life still cannot look me in the eye.
—Guest Brandi

Don't Be So Judgmental

Upon reading a lot of your responses, it would appear that most of you think you look a lot better than those you've seen, or at least you think so. In regards to dressing nice, I agree you should look your best, but who is to say what looks the best? How do you know these people did not take the effort into putting together their look? Some people in fact cannot help they way they look, because I'm sure most of you people writing these responses do not look that much better. Have you ever heard of an iron? And yes, most of the people I've seen that claim to look and dress good do not know how to iron their clothes. They simply think looking good is just wearing properly fitted clothes; which is obviously 1/3 of the dressing-well battle. How about trying to work on yourselves before judging others and stop being critical of every little thing of people, as I'm sure you fail to do that upon yourselves.
—Guest Non bigot

Sweat Pants and Jordans

I felt so stupid. I was in a rush and my college class took longer than expected. Anyway I show up to the restaurant trying to get a job as a waiter and Im wearing sweatpants and a sweater with a pair of jordans. The amazing part is we set up a second interview and i was prepared that time and got the job.
—Guest jacob

All black...

Fat girl in her late 20s comes in wearing all black; sweater and yoga pants, no dress shirt just a white tank top. Has previous experience from another job under same company....she got hired still. I'm like wtf?!
—Guest Cara

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The Worst Job Interview Outfits

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