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Readers Respond: The Worst Job Interview Outfits

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When you are dressing for a job interview, what you wear makes a difference. What's the worst job interview outfit you've seen or that you have worn, before you knew what to wear?

In response to Guest Cara...

"Fat girl in her late 20s..." Perhaps she was hired because despite her weight and appearance, which you've been callous enough to mock, she has far superior skills in writing than your own. Did you write ''WTF'' and ''LMAO'' anywhere on your application? You write and sound like a child.
—Guest AW

Teenagers Waiting to be Interviewed

Went to an interview once at a "jeans" company at the local mall. I was dressed appropriately (dress slacks, nice shirt, dress shoes). 1 girl came out after being interviewed- VERY skinny/tall... black shiny form-fitting leggings, white mini-crop top, black flats.... other girls-in casual clothes (what you'd wear to school/jewelry in excess). While waiting, they leaned against displays, slouched in near chairs (I stood), had their hair in their faces (mine pulled back), popped gum, played on their iphones... etc... Is that the "NEW" way to go to interviews nowadays? am I that far behind in times???...............
—Guest maria

Intern Interview Outfits

I get a lot of interns where I work, and they are some of the worst dressers. I would say at least 4 out of 10 girls comes in wearing leggings with a shorter shirt (would still be unprofessional with a longer shirt). One girl even wore tights with a shirt that barely came to her waste. They were black, but near the top where they were all stretched out, I could see clearly through them. I understand that most students don't have much money, but investing at least in a pair of black pants wouldn't kill you, would it?
—Guest Rors

Woman in Cat Suit and Pink Cowboy Boots

I once interviewed a women for a sales position. She came in with a painted-on demin jump suit and pink cowboy boots. I asked her if she thought this was the appropriate attire for an interview? Her answer was YES!
—Guest VPBarbs

Worst Clothing for an Interview

I am African American, and my hair gets a little dirty, but i always have it groomed. But one of the worst hairdo's for an interview is those short dreadlocks that make the hair look nappy. Now for the clothing, it pays to look your best. There a lot of options out there if you do not have a lot of money to get new ones, Such as many of the second hand stores, and sometimes you might be able to borrow something from your mother's closet, or sister's closet. If you are a male than maybe you can borrow your father's clothing. But hear this; I went on an interview one time. I did not have a navy blue suit to wear, so i borrowed my mothers suit, and had to hold it up on one side. ( I was kinda of embarassed.)

Embarrassing Interview Outfit

I am in my mid 40's and since my husband is self employed and makes great money, it was not a must that I worked. Still, after nearly 10 years of not working, I wanted to find a job. I applied for an administrative position and dresses quite nice. I showed up early for the interview wearing a black, knee length button front dress, stockings and black pumps. The interviewer was female, obviously upper level management, and quite sociable. We held the interview in her office. After a while of discussing the available position she picked my application and resume, sat back in her chair and once again looked it over. It was very quiet in her office. As I moved in the chair in which I was sitting I hear a noise. Snap! She heard it too. One of my rear garter belt straps popped off my stockings. Yikes! To make matters worst, 2 buttons on my dress sprung out of their holes. Needless to say, I was embarrassed as I quickly fumbled with those buttons. But, fortunately, I got the job!

Look in the Mirror

Please look in the mirror before you do anything. Always check your teeth. They can be a big problem when you have pesto or pepper because that stands out on white teeth.
—Guest guest nellie

Tattoo or Not Tattoo...

I read elsewhere a young lady felt she was being treated unfairly in interviews due to the extensive tattooing she had covering most of her body... even her neck, upper chest and the backs of her hands. She had considered wearing a turtleneck or scarf, but she preferred to show them what an honest, up front person she is. To be fair from what I could see in her photo they weren't ugly tattoos, but she has to understand not too many interviewers for an office/receptionist position would accept them. In future, let turtlenecks be your friend. ...and only apply for a job in Autumn or Winter.
—Guest Cee

I've Seen Them All !

From the guy who last shaved and combed his hair a week before the interview and wore clothes like he'd just left a bar or a beach to the ladies who must have thought they were applying for a job in the red light district. Why people over the age of 20 need to be advised to wear appropriate clothes and groom themselves neatly for an interview I'll never know. Rough standards by some, I guess.
—Guest Cee

The "I really need a new job" look...

A few months ago I was in the waiting room for an interview, and the girl who walked out as I walked in had clearly just come from her other job at a fast food joint... uniform and all. Awful hat hair and a half-secure ponytail, pants covered in whatever grease and sauce she'd wiped on them at work, and her shirt reeked of sweat and deep-fried food (I could smell her as she passed me). Worst part was she'd thrown a mismatched blazer on over it to hide the company logo. The state she was in may have been a good example of how hard she works, but my god, it looked grotty.
—Guest K


Sweat pants and a pair of holey shoes for an interview at a cofee shop, with a hat that said F*&% you on the top. Let's just say he never got hired.
—Guest OMG

What NOT to Wear to a Factory Interview

Job experts, recruiters, employment specialists tell us to "dress professionally". If you, as a factory HR representative, have a problem with men/ women wearing ties and professional attire for a factory interview, then don't blame the job hunters. Blame the people who counsel the job hunters!!!
—Guest Ken L

Really Offensive

Here's one for you...I used to work next door to a recruitment office (they did recruitment for any company who would pay them to take over this part of the business). Anyway, I used to have lunch with the girls from that office & they told me about a guy who came for an interview (don't remember the position but it was in an office) dressed very well, suit, crisply pressed shirt, tie, shined shoes... great interview manner... it wasn't until he turned to leave that they saw, shaved into the back of his hair, the word XXXX - nice.
—Guest Skye

Make an Effort & Reap the Rewards!

I always wear a pants suit (I'm a woman) & business shirt with mid-heeled court shoes (I think "pumps" in the USA) & those knee high stocking/hose things under my pants so my shoes fit nicely & don't rub (gotta be comfy). This attire is REGARDLESS of position...I have been to interviews for nannying positions, centre-based childcare positions, nursing positions, administration positions, waitressing positions & retail positions. I think it is important to put forward a professional image regardless of what you will be expected to wear on the job. My CV is excellent so I ALWAYS get an interview and I have only missed out on landing the job a few times and it was based on merit (better qualified or more experience) rather than presentation. I guess the moral to my story is that it can't hurt your chances if you take a little care with how you present yourself.
—Guest skye

Dirty Shoes

People coming in to an interview in blue jeans and a worn T-shirt, and dirty old tennis shoes.
—Guest mhall@pacficclinics.org

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