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Readers Respond: Job Search Success Stories

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From the article: How to Find a Job
Have you found a new job recently? Please share your job search success story. I'd be thrilled to hear from anyone who has found a new job and I'm also interested in how you job searched and what you made a difference in getting a new job in a tough economy.

Got a job through a friend

Last Fall I went out for dinner with a friend. She casually mentioned I should give her my resume. Turns out her company was looking for someone at the time with my skillset - it was perfect timing... with a little help from a friend.
—Guest Liz

Get a Job to Find a Job

I had been following the vacancy announcements of a certain organization whose web site made me feel that they and I would be a good fit. However, all the positions were in Afghanistan and I wasn't sure I wanted to be there. Along came a short-term consultancy in Afghanistan, and I took it so I could find out about the country and working conditions. As part of the consultancy, I interviewed the organization that interested me, and we ended up in a long-term contract. While working in Afghanistan will not appeal to everybody, I really like my project and its target population (farmers), and feel committed to seeing it through.

She got a great job

This is the note I received from a client in Iraq: Doris, I got a great job! I have accepted a position at home with Raytheon. I honestly believe that the wonderful resume you put together for me got my foot in the door for this job and I appreciate it so very much. I have referred you to several KBR employees and I expect that you will be hearing from them in the not so distant future. Bev
—Guest Doris Appelbaum

Networking Group Emails

I just started a new job today - it was the first job I applied to through one of a Church's Networking Group. Networking is really the way to go now. I wasted way too much time on the computer for jobs that probably didn't even exist.
—Guest Penny

Career Coach in a public library

In my interview workshop, I discovered that personal story can inspire other job seekers to stay on course. I used the fact I never had a PH.D degree although I obtained a PH.T.(Puch Husband Through)years ago, now through coaching, I found out everyone prospective worker must have the PH.D.elements before landing a dream job. Here, P stands for Passion, H stands for Hope, and D stands for Determination. Personaly, I have passion to train the job seekers; I hope everyone will success, and I am determined to motivate them until they found what they want. With my old PH.T. and the newly minted PH.D; how can anybody be happier? Bernice Kao, Career Coach Fresno County Library.
—Guest Bernice Kao

Corporate Transition to Academia

I was laid off from my job of 24 years in March of this year. Through a combination of networking and making connections on LinkedIn I started a job I love at a local university 7 weeks later. It doesn't pay as well as the corporate world, but I really enjoy the work and the atmosphere.
—Guest Guest - Karen

got a job thanks to a friend

I spend months searching, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, thank you notes and got a job through a friend instead. Funny - can't find a job where I live but found one in another state and I can come to work in my pjs (I'm working from home). On the plus side - it's good to keep your network of friends in good shape! Also, no matter what kind of job you get, no matter what it is - do your best - you never know where it will take you next!
—Guest Peggy

Social Media Job-Search Success

I found my job via Twitter. A career counselor friend knew about my interest in Web 2.0 job-search strategies (because I'd been blogging about them) and introduced me to OptimalResume.com, a tech company that specializes in career management software. I met with the CEO and COO, we discussed how my use of social media, combined with knowledge of job-searching could be good for both of us. Within a week, I had a job offer. I used social media to discuss what I found naturally interesting, and I found a job (or it found me, depending on which you look at it) that matches those interests. Pretty cool deal! Kelly Giles Social Media Strategist OptimalResume.com
—Guest Kelly Giles

Librarian Job

I just accepted a job offer last week from a local non profit organization.
—Guest Mirella

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