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Readers Respond: Have You Been Denied a Job Because of Bad Credit?

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Bad Credit Stories: Read stories of job seekers who have been denied a job because of bad credit and share your story if you're been denied employment because of your credit history. Share Your Story

Vicious Cycle

I went through a vicious divorce. My self-employed ex (who earns cash and whose wage can't be garnished) does not pay spousal support. He is supposed to and the court has been after him. The result of his not paying forced my home to go into foreclosure. I have two kids. I had to file a motion to move to Texas where it's more affordable to live and there are more jobs. Now here, I have had more interviews in two weeks than I had in five years in NJ. I am well qualified for the jobs I seek (pay is entry level). I have been denied three times in three weeks for my credit. I could not leave NJ until a judge said I could. My ex dragged out the Motion. It cost me a small fortune to move to Texas so that my children would have a better future and yet I'm finding no one cares. My score was 720 all my life. My divorce has ruined any chance of me ever supporting the kids and I as it appears I am financially irresponsible. I did all I could, to the point of uprooting my children.
—Guest Anna

I'm in the Same Boat

I am in such bad way financially, and not being able to find a job at 49 because of my credit has sent me into DEEP depression.

43 and Unemployed

I am too a victim. In this economy, what person is not going to have financial difficulties? I was denied a job due to my credit score. I was a contractor for CBP for 6 years got laid off in September of 2013 and till this day I'm being denied of a job and I have my Federal Security Clearance. It is shameful what the companies are doing to the unemployed. The Government will soon have everyone on Welfare. "SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT"
—Guest sylvia

Unfair: No Way to Turn Things Around

I think it is completely unfair to deny employment based on bad credit. There are so many reasons why an individual is unable to pay a bill, but there is one main reasons --looking for employment to turn things around. Denying employment based on bad credit only leave the individual in the same vicious circle, for the love of God what I need is a job!
—Guest Nells

It's A Shame

That in this day and time that people are denied jobs based on their credit and not their skills. There are Congressmen and Senators with bad credit and they get to run things. You would think in light of those facts, that they'd pass some type of bill making it discriminatory to deny a perosn employment solely based on their credit history. I myself have been a victim. Before my husband passed away suddenly, I was a freelance artist. He passed while we had no life insurance in place. My freelance was a supplement. Needless to say, the bills didn't go with him and I had to find a permanent job. It took almost a year after; at which time my bills fell behind. Nobody cares that before that time, my bill were paid in a timely manner. When you call to explain your situation, you get "sorry for your loss...but we want our money" as if it's money owed to the person collecting it. It's just a sad state of affairs.
—Guest Someone's Mom


I was once a military spouse, my now ex-husband abandoned my children and I to marry another woman. He turned his back on both me, the kids, and our finances. Once I was divorced I had a few health set backs (surgeries) gallstones, kidney stones and a partial hysterectomy all a different times. Also I recently found out to add to my credit woes, the bank that financed my family's vehicle because I was late on a couple of payments while going through my divorce reported on my credit the late payments. Later I found out that my loan was sold to the parent bank and both of these banks were reporting on my credit report simultaneously. I received a nice letter recognizing the problem after I found it. One removed it right at seven years and the other refuses to remove it until another three years even though it was their mistake. And I lost my job due to discriminatory practices. With all that said my credit score is low and I have been refused employment because of this.
—Guest Guest 1

Lives in Ruins

I have been turned down for jobs because of my credit as well. I have a Master's degree and cannot get a job. I have no way of paying my bills or my loan. Maybe it should be considered that this is one reason our economy is at a stand still. How many of those unemployed now have bad credit? I would suspect millions. These people cannot get hired. So instead of the unemployed getting hired, those already working are simply moving around in jobs. In other words, a job opening occurs, and someone already working changes jobs. Hopefully that makes sense. If they want to reduce unemployment they need to ban this ridiculous practice of checking credit.
—Guest Sandy

Job Discrimination Due to Credit

I have held several highly professional administrative positions, including running my own business. My child's illness destroyed my credit and I was forced to file bankruptcy and suffer deeply. None of my credit problems were avoidable yet for two years now I have been discriminated against due to bad credit and age. I have one question, what would a company do if after hiring someone with great credit that person's credit declines? Would they fire a great employee because of bad credit?
—Guest ylorraine12

I need a Good Lawyer

USA gave China my job.Then I couldn't pay my bills. Now USA says my credit makes me unenployable and its OK for employers to discriminate against me. Mind you, the USA is in debt up to its ass. Why don't we cut out the middle man and give our taxes directly to China?
—Guest jeff lynd

No Credit, No Job

After multiple interviews and screening tests for this job, I received the phone call from the manager saying that the HR rep would be back on Monday and would be calling with my offer then. Three weeks later, no phone call and apparently no job offer either. I can only assume that it was based on my credit score after they already told me I had the job. I went through a messy divorce and got saddled with most of the debt which now I am trying to pay but how can you do that without a job? The employer didn't even bother with a rejection letter or phone call!! I am legally entitled to my credit report if they rejected me based on it!! Short of prostitution I don't know where to go from here!
—Guest Denied again...

Rejected for Bad Credit

First, I can say that I only suspect that I lost out on jobs because of my credit. There's no way to prove it, unfortunately. Further, I think I've been discriminated against because of my age. Hard to prove that, too. Either way, I'm no loser when it comes to work. I'm constantly being turned down for jobs that I'm qualified to do, for which I've even been interviewed, and it makes me suspicious that something else is happening. I believe it's my credit score, which is due to circumstances beyond my control. Age, too, seems to be a factor. Neither of these facts should play a role in hiring, but they do. No one should be judged unsuitable for employment based on their credit history because so many factors, such as a bad divorce, can harm it. My bad credit history is no fault of my own.
—Guest Laurie Ogle Morford

Jobless with Bad Credit

I have been denied employment due to my credit rating. I don't understand, why! People with bad credit are not bad people. What is this world coming to? You have to work to pay for bills, or they will go into default. The people who have bad credit are the ones that need to keep a job. Shame on America.
—Guest ms. bad credit

Filed for Bankruptcy

I had perfect credit score and was never late on my bills. I had bought an investment property back in 07 at its peak time. Unfortunatly market went south and I could not sell my house. I had also lost my job and tenants were not paying. Three years later I had to file Chapter 7 for a fresh start. Now its seems that companies are looking at it as a bad thing anyone can do and it's hurting me from getting a good job. If they can looking prior to bankruptcy my credit was great. One setback should not ruin everything you had worked so hard for. Just does not make sense!!!
—Guest guest

Is it My Fault??

I got laid off 2005. I was denied a job because of credit. Is it my fault for hardship? So companies won't hire me because I'm jobless? They should change rules because the economy is a big mess. The companies should be fault for making me miserable for faulting hardship!
—Guest job seeker

Job for January

I lost my job in 2009. The company went out of business. I was trying to keep things afloat with unemployment insurance, then things started going down.Looking for a job was on the slow side because of the economy. Unemployment ran out then the bills were not getting paid. Had a job interview and things looked good, until I didn't hear from them. I called them to find out my credit was bad. How do you pay your bills if they will not hire you? I am depressed about the whole thing, but I am hopeful.

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