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Readers Respond: Have You Been Denied a Job Because of Bad Credit?

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Bad Credit Stories: Read stories of job seekers who have been denied a job because of bad credit and share your story if you're been denied employment because of your credit history. Share Your Story

My Credit Doesn't Define Me

I believe a lot of people have bad credit is because they can't pay their bills. They can't pay their bills because they can't get a job. I had a perfect credit score until 2 years ago when I was a victim of ID theft. Some information was fixed and some was not. It totally ruined my credit score. I haven't been able to get a job due to my credit score. I have been denied more jobs than I can count. I walked away from interviews feeling like it was the best interviews I have given. I was even told that my resume was outstanding. However, none of that counted when I failed a credit check. When I applied for a job and am told that there will be a security background check. I know I will not get the job. Feeling hopeless. Life Sucks!
—Guest DL

Why Even Try Anymore?

I am a master's level accountant with seven years of work experience under my belt. Unfortunately, I can't get a job because of bad credit. My credit is bad due to a disability that sometimes makes it difficult for me to work more than part-time. When things are good, I can pay my bills, but when the disability flares up, I can't work enough to do so. I've been turned down for three jobs in the past three months--all because of my credit. My excellent references and resume don't add up to a hill of beans anymore. This single mom is ready to throw in the towel.
—Guest gloaming

When am I Going to Have a Fresh Start?

I would like to know what does bad credit have to do with your getting a job? How are we supposed to pay our debts if that is what is stopping us from getting a job. The past is the past. Let us get our life back on track by giving us a chance to work and pay our debts and also to have our own place to live.
—Guest Maria Moreno

Beyond Frustrated and Annoyed

I do not even continue with some application processes once I see the fair credit paper online or in paper form. What does my credit have to do with my professionalism and work experience? Two, people need to understand things happen. This is why my credit score went down from before. I cannot pay bills with no income coming in, I cannot gain income because some clown wants to judge me now based on a number, this idiotic cycle that has been created, that has me soon facing homelessness. Be lucky and grateful you are employed, since people are unsympathetic and uncaring. I am not lazy, I'm not on the government system. Unemployment can hit anyone unfortunately. I am disgusted with everything at this point.
—Guest screw the job market

Wondering if I Will Get the Job

On 8/14/13 I was called for a phone interview for an experienced claims adjuster position I applied for. It went well and at that time I was 1) scheduled for an in-person interview for 8/27 and 2) emailed an authorization form for completion so that the insurance company, through a company called HireRight, could conduct the credit check. My credit was perfect for 30 years ... right up until I lost my 20-year job in 2010. Filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Within minutes of signing the authorization on 8/14, I received an automated letter from HireRight along with my actual credit report (which of course shows the bankruptcy) and the automated email indicated the insurance co HR rep was immediately receiving a copy as well. I thought the 8/27 interview would immediately be cancelled. It wasn't. I had the interview, which went very well. If bad credit was going to do me in, wouldn't they have had just cancelled the interview? I'm wondering if I have any hope.
—Guest Susan

Not Getting a Job because of Bad Credit?

I have been filling out job applications left and right and was denied. I believe that it might has something to do with my bad credit? On various job applications they have a application called the Fair Credit Report Act where the employer will look at your credit history. I am like what does my credit have anything to do with me getting a job? It is like they judge you because you have bad credit that you are an horrible person and do not want to hire you. How else is somebody is going to pay off their debts unless they have a job???? I am tired of being unemployed and people start to think that because you do not have a job they say that you are lazy and that you do not want to work, and that is not the case. It is situations like this that cause a problem. This should not even be made a law in my opinion. This is a problem and discrimination at its best. I hope and pray that this will change.

The Vicious Cycle

Being denied a job due to bad credit is the same as being denied a dentist appointment due to bad teeth. Society makes no sense anymore. It's pretty obvious people have lost their minds.
—Guest Liam

Now I Know Why

Since I got divorced in 2001 I haven't been able to get a job as easily as I did when I was younger. I will get hired on a job then let go for lame reasons. I went back to school to change careers. I've had bad luck there. I had worked several jobs and was let go for no reason. I was hired for a job that I went to school for. I gave two weeks notice at my current job and was training on the new job when I recieved a call from the Dr who hired me and he said he changed his mind. So with a few days left on my current job I'm unemployed. I think they ran a credit check without my permission. To top that off I was in my late 40's. I did finally get a job that I loved and I gave that employer my ALL. After being there 10 months he gave up his office and laid me off and used the employees of the Dr who took over to do my job. After that I have been turned down on every job I interviewed. If I was hired, it lasted one to two days and then the "we changed our mind" excuse happened. Bottom line bad credit.
—Guest not fair

Penalized by the Economy

I worked for 25 years in the mortgage industry on commission only. As I single mom, I had a credit score was in the 700s, a mortgage that was paid on time, and I was able to provide for my two kids without any child support. When the real estate/mortgage industry crashed, I was badly affected. Because I was an independent contractor on commission, I could not get unemployment. I could not make payments on my debts but maintained my mortgage until I had to short sale. Due to not beoig able to continue our medical insurance, I incurred a lot of medical bills for my 2 kids. After 2 years, I found a job and lost it 6 months later. I received a small amount for unemployment and went through a year and a half of extensions. My unemployment was $76 per week. After a year and a half, i found a job in the mortgage industry - passing the background check. Got laid off last January and have been denied every position I interviewed for due to my credit. How can I pay debts when no one wants to hire me?
—Guest Joy


This system is designed by the powers that be to destroy the middle class. CREDIT IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE DECENT RESOURCES TO WORK WITH!! I know it wasn't when I was making decent money. Now that I'm poverty line income with my two degrees, it is an issue. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Those of us who don't have wealthy family and friends to help us out in our time of need are screwed. Credit checks should only be used for loans and purchases - period. YOU CANNOT JUDGE SOMEONE'S CHARACTER BASED ON THIS. You do everything you can to keep your current job (worked 50 -60 hr weeks). You look for another one when they lay you off. I've had 3 interviews out of hundreds of applications. When the $h!t hits the fan, IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR NOT HANDLING YOUR FINANCES BETTER. LOL I think that's the problem. Ya think? LOL
—Guest Xatlantan

Georgia is the Worst Place to be Jobless

Not only are there very few, low paying jobs, they are allowed to discriminate against you for having bad credit and for being unemployed. Your credit will get even worse because it pays the second lowest unemployment benefit in the country, $290 a week. The "good ole boy network" really sucks. They only want to hire their friends rather than people that could actually move the company forward. That's what happened with the last job I got laid off from. We lost the gov't contract due to poor performance and they had to shut the company down. I can't tell you how many times my middle management hands were tied when I wanted to implement things to improve our performance. The companies they own that were not run by their friends are still operating. Hmm.........All your creditors can drag you to court in GA. Can't tell you how many times Fulton County Magistrate court has seen my name! LOL There are also no landlord tenant laws so you could be homeless at the end of the month.
—Guest Xatlantan

Waffle House Denied Me Employment

Waffle House denied me employment for having bad credit! I was willing spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and ALL HOLIDAYS in that dump so I could make $48,700 and work my way up to District Manager, which makes close to $80 K. That's over two years of proving yourself. They loved me in the interview until it came to that credit check. I have been laid off 3 times in the last 9 years and it has literally destroyed my family's life style. Each time, it gets harder and harder to pick up the pieces. Whatever you do, do not move to the state of Georgia looking for a better life. You will be deeply disappointed. It's not bad for retirees and people who are already wealthy. Practically all the jobs pay $10 an hour. How can you take care of your past, present and future on that? Even showing them where I paid off $9 K of the $20 K debt I owed while I was working didn't help my case. The bottom line is could credit is based having MONEY. You cannot pay bills without MONEY.

Sales & Customer Service Manager

I went to the first of what I understood would be possibly 3 interviews if chosen. The director of Management was so impressed so much that he referred me to his field rep. After meeting him he also was impressed so much so that after I finished, even before I got back home, they offered me the job and both of their phone numbers so I could be in touch, as well as sending out a background check that day so I could start the training in 2 weeks. Well it's 1 1\2 weeks later and no return calls or any contact. I don't feel there is hope without help in high places to make these laws change. They could put you on a stricter probation or something to allow you second chances. This by far is Ludacris.
—Guest why try

Good to Check Your Info

I was paranoid about what shows up on your background checks so I did a search for myself on passcode.info just to make sure. It's worth spending a few bucks to know what shows up on your report, true or false. That way you can dispute it if needed or be better prepared.
—Guest jaine cusamano

My Credit is Not My CHARACTER

I'm so tired of being denied employment because someone reads my report wrong. I had one lean on my credit report that was paid off within a year and that was 5 years ago. The indication stays on the report for 7 years. It's shows release on the report as explanation that the balance has been satisfied. I feel as if I'm being treated just as bad as a criminal. I have a spotless background and a criminal justice degree. And my credit is not bad, by the way... 720.
—Guest Credit vs Character

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