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Readers Respond: Have You Been Denied a Job Because of Bad Credit?

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Good Credentials, Bad Credit

Well I had to turn down this perfect job knowing that they were going to pull my credit. Interview went great and I have more than enough experience and was even going to get the pay I wanted. But as soon as she mentioned pulling the credit, I had to be honest and told her it was no point and thanked her (long story short). And those who have DUI's and get caught says a lot about your character. When you drive drunk you endanger everyone around you. You wanna harm yourself go ahead but do it when you're the only one on the road.
—Guest Whyme2013

Bad Credit

Due to divorce my credit sucks. Did I file bankruptcy.. NO I sucked it up and paid it off. Then got turned down for job and was told if I would have filed bankruptcy they would have hired me! Wtf I did the right thing and am still being punished. So here I sit with my B.A. and loans galore and no jobs in my degree!
—Guest cj


You can't get a job anywhere in Michigan if you claim bankruptcy. I have two degrees in the medical field and can't get a job because of it my husband lost his job and then I did. We are back in school for Nursing and hoped to get contingent jobs as Medical Technologists but we can't. I've even applied to any and every job out. There is no response and people are dishonest and won't even tell you why they can't hire you but I figured it out. This sucks!
—Guest Anna the frustrated!

Worse than Credit

Try getting a job these days with a DUI and reckless driving on your record. They will hang you before they even let you in the door. I have both plus my credit is not stellar. I am 55 years old but at this point I think I live under a bridge till I reach retirement, then maybe I can collect SSI.

Could be Worse

Not only do I have bad credit I got a DUI and a reckless charge on my record. The DUI goes back 3 years while the RD charge goes back 5 years. I'm 55 years old and unemployed, just recently having the rug pulled from under my feet. I have maybe 3 months worth of savings and Unemployment insurance. After that I don't know. So far 2 companies have declined to interview because of my traffic violations to say the least about credit reports. . Last time I was unemployed I drew money out of my 401k and now owe the government over 10,0000 dollars. My 401k account is gone except for a measely $200 last time I looked. If I don't win the lotto I see no way out no hope at all. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science a lot of the jobs I am qualified for have been outsourced to India. Not sure What to do next except maybe take a job as a used car salesman ...

Bad Credit

How would you even know? I have never had any company I applied with tell me any reason for rejection. It's possible at a higher level of employment (where you actually reach the interview stage), that they would tell you that. At this point, where the labor pool is so far out-numbering job availability, employers can do anything they want. We now have the get a job industry, where you learn how to apply for jobs. and this goes right down to minimum wage jobs.

Companies Protecting Themselves

While it may not seem fair that companies are looking into potential and existing employees by using services like backgroundchecks.com, companies are subject to legal challenges if they don't check their employees so have to protect their interests.

Single Parent

Its tough being a parent, tougher as a single parent SAH going back to work after several yrs, but due to bad credit (bankruptcy from lack and loss of income and house underwater), unfortunately my past jobs were all in banks so I'm told my credit is an issue? I'm afraid to go back to school due for MBA so as to avoid school debt, So now what ?? Wake up employers ! Everyone at some point goes through some difficulty in their life. Look at a person's whole history, not just their recent setbacks. Maybe try trusting your gut. The person sitting across you, who really truly wants and needs a job, most likely will be the best person ever hired over the next several years! Many credit problems of late are economy and housing related. How about us, the public, fire all you CEO's, bankers, and politicians who helped finance this whole economic fiasco most of us have had to grunt through and tell you you're losing your job because your credit management skills stinks?
—Guest Guest

Class Warfare

Don't revolt. Just be a victim of class warfare. There's so much more money to be made off you if you're poor. Don't recognize the scam that's happening. Don't realize the corporation has taken over. Don't do anything, don't organize, don't overthrow. Don't even whimper as the corporation enslaves yoir children to student loans.
—Guest Don't Revolt

Still Feeling Your Pain

It is the worst thing in the world to have a person sitting in front of you, acting like they are on top of the world and then you go down the street only to see that person in a store and they can not even afford a soda from the store, and they had the nerve to treat you like you had a bad case of the flu doing your interview.
—Guest almeta vance

Denied Job

Recently I interviewed with Duke University for an Information Technologist Specialist position. I was contacted for a second interview to meet with the CEO. He told me that I was meeting with him because the hiring manager wanted to hire me. I was contacted 2 days later to inform me that the position couldn't be extended to me because of my credit. I was devastated. I also agree that credit reports should only be looked at if you're going to be dealing with money.
—Guest MoKasH25


If you had any financial problems do not apply to SAFRA. They will not give you the postion and also they will treat you badly.
—Guest My name

Dream Job

I recently quit my job as a Bookkeeper for a small family owned company of 3 years due to the fact that the environment that I was working in was toxic, hostile, and terribly dysfunctional. Also, I felt that I had no choice because the mental stress of working in that environment was seriously affecting my emotional well-being and health. So, I took the greatest risk of my life and gave my notice and much to my relief I located my dream job with a company that was actually voted one of the best companies to work for in Orange County. I felt safe for the first time in 3 years and signed the offer letter with tears of gratitude in my eyes. Two days later I received an email (not even a phone call) from my dream job taking the position away due to my credit report. Clearly I am crushed and I am not even sure if I will qualify for unemployment benefits because of the fact that I quit, was hired, then fired.

Bank Safra

My last employer terminated my employment while I was on medical leave. I recently found a position and interviewed for it. I called after few days and the HR from Bank Safra said: "We will not hire you because your credit score is so bad!!! It is unexceptable!!! I don't think you will find a job!!" She treated me as trash. They can do that?? I don't think so.
—Guest Sula

Single Dad

Welcome To The USA If President Obama can sign for people to become first time home owners with bad credit, he surely can fight this type of discrimination! I even got hired at the post office and my credit score is 560! So credit checks should be for those dealing with money!
—Guest Rob

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