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Readers Respond: Have You Been Denied a Job Because of Bad Credit?

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I need a Good Lawyer

USA gave China my job.Then I couldn't pay my bills. Now USA says my credit makes me unenployable and its OK for employers to discriminate against me. Mind you, the USA is in debt up to its ass. Why don't we cut out the middle man and give our taxes directly to China?
—Guest jeff lynd

No Credit, No Job

After multiple interviews and screening tests for this job, I received the phone call from the manager saying that the HR rep would be back on Monday and would be calling with my offer then. Three weeks later, no phone call and apparently no job offer either. I can only assume that it was based on my credit score after they already told me I had the job. I went through a messy divorce and got saddled with most of the debt which now I am trying to pay but how can you do that without a job? The employer didn't even bother with a rejection letter or phone call!! I am legally entitled to my credit report if they rejected me based on it!! Short of prostitution I don't know where to go from here!
—Guest Denied again...

Rejected for Bad Credit

First, I can say that I only suspect that I lost out on jobs because of my credit. There's no way to prove it, unfortunately. Further, I think I've been discriminated against because of my age. Hard to prove that, too. Either way, I'm no loser when it comes to work. I'm constantly being turned down for jobs that I'm qualified to do, for which I've even been interviewed, and it makes me suspicious that something else is happening. I believe it's my credit score, which is due to circumstances beyond my control. Age, too, seems to be a factor. Neither of these facts should play a role in hiring, but they do. No one should be judged unsuitable for employment based on their credit history because so many factors, such as a bad divorce, can harm it. My bad credit history is no fault of my own.
—Guest Laurie Ogle Morford

Jobless with Bad Credit

I have been denied employment due to my credit rating. I don't understand, why! People with bad credit are not bad people. What is this world coming to? You have to work to pay for bills, or they will go into default. The people who have bad credit are the ones that need to keep a job. Shame on America.
—Guest ms. bad credit

Filed for Bankruptcy

I had perfect credit score and was never late on my bills. I had bought an investment property back in 07 at its peak time. Unfortunatly market went south and I could not sell my house. I had also lost my job and tenants were not paying. Three years later I had to file Chapter 7 for a fresh start. Now its seems that companies are looking at it as a bad thing anyone can do and it's hurting me from getting a good job. If they can looking prior to bankruptcy my credit was great. One setback should not ruin everything you had worked so hard for. Just does not make sense!!!
—Guest guest

Is it My Fault??

I got laid off 2005. I was denied a job because of credit. Is it my fault for hardship? So companies won't hire me because I'm jobless? They should change rules because the economy is a big mess. The companies should be fault for making me miserable for faulting hardship!
—Guest job seeker

Job for January

I lost my job in 2009. The company went out of business. I was trying to keep things afloat with unemployment insurance, then things started going down.Looking for a job was on the slow side because of the economy. Unemployment ran out then the bills were not getting paid. Had a job interview and things looked good, until I didn't hear from them. I called them to find out my credit was bad. How do you pay your bills if they will not hire you? I am depressed about the whole thing, but I am hopeful.

Can't Get Hired Because of Bad Credit

My husband lost his job of 20 years. He has been denied 7 jobs because of bad credit. How do you fix your credit if no one is willing to hire you?

Application Unsuccessful - Bad Credit

After reading through the responses, it seems an all too familiar pattern nowadays. There is one word for this in my opinion..DISCRIMINATION!!!!People can fall into debt for many different reasons and surely the only way to free yourself from this is by having a job, yet due to the increasing use of credit checks, people are finding themselves in a vicious circle. I am aiming to petition Downing street to have this recognised by the government that this is not acceptable and is preventing people who are trying to free themselves from debt . Ultimately, due to interest and administrative fees etc, people are pushed into more desperate circumstances. I would like to begin a facebook page to try and gather as much support as possible. If you could please message me on my facebook page (scott mahoney) so I can make people aware when i have the page up and running and my intention to approach downing street.

Credit check - Job Denial

I lost my job in 2007 and have been unable to get a full time decent paying job. I'm now filing bankruptcy as I can't pay the credit card bills that I lived on and can't get a job due to bad credit. How can you change your credit rating if they will not hire you? It used to be age discrimination (they still do that), and now it is your credit rating discrimination. I do not feel that companies should be able to do a credit check and base their hiring on that. We are at a time when over 50% of people in USA are at the poverty level or below.
—Guest DEB

4 Interviews No Job

I went on 4 interviews and 2 of the 4 I thought went great. I never heard from the last company as they said they would call me in a day and also I emailed them on Friday and nothing as of yet. I have a feeling it had something to do with my credit so they never even got back to me. Thanks for not being courteous and let me know why I didnt get the job.
—Guest Hoping For The Best

Stuck waiting

I applied for a job at a call center and was offered employment on the basis that my drug screening and background/credit check was cleared. I recieved a letter in the mail about a week later stating that my application for employment was rejected because of credit check. As a 22 year old college student, I was not only devastated but also baffled. It turned out that ONE of the credit reporting agencies stated that there was a civil judgement back in 2008 however, the two other names listed as AKA's were those of my father name and a combination of my name and his middle name initial. I am female and my dad's name within my name and I still live at home with both of my parents. So, I have to call the credit agency to get that removed so I could apply for employment again. This is actually one of the few moments in my life that I have a regret of being named after my father.
—Guest wow!

Bad Credit Lost Me My Dream Job

I have a judgment on my credit which cost me my dream job at a great bank.
—Guest Can't believe it

I Am Afraid I've Been Denied Too

Every time I have applied for a job with an online appl that requires a ss#, I get a denial email... at first I didn't see the pattern... now I am 100% sure that it's bc of my poor credit. How can I possible improve my score if I'm kept jobless. Yes I've been responsible... but not with work... my bad credit came about when my husband had a heart attack and had no health ins... he was self employed and could not afford it... we incurred 100,000 of debt... tried to make payments but it seemed it was debt that we would never be able to pay. All the time we were attempting payments we had to then use credit cards to buy food gas and pay utilities... vicious circle... then depression set in. We have remained employed but struggle with the cost of living. We are needing to move out of state where rent is less, but finding new jobs has been a nightmare.
—Guest bad things happen to good people

Years of Experience are Worthless

I have 20+ years experience in the sales industry. The last 8 were running my own successful ad agency. The 12 before that I was the national sales manager and then the VP of Marketing for a major Broadcasting Company. Since 2009, the slow economy (ie, the recession) has killed our business, and so my bills/debt have been paid late. With this in mind I have hit the pavement in search of a sales job. I have been denied three good positions because of my lowered credit score. One year ago, my credit was fantastic. Now it seems all of my experience as a salesman and manager are useless. Companies should realize that in the middle of a recession, most job seekers are going to have less than great credit.
—Guest Luke

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