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Readers Respond: Elevator Speech Examples

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From the article: What is an Elevator Speech?
Everyone who is job searching should have an elevator speech (a quick summary of your skills and qualifications) ready to present. Read sample elevator speeches shared by About.com readers and add your own elevator speech to our list.

Market Analyst/ International

I collected and analyzed market information from primary sources from the community sub-Saharan Africa, based on an approach that respects the local community values. I do qualitative research such as facilitating and moderating focus group as well as quantitative research and program and project evaluation. We find new opportunities for the small, medium and large business who want expand their business in Africa.
—Guest Ibrahima Sako

Restaurant Assistant Manager

I am a creative and motivated person with a passion for people. I want to contribute my unique perspective to a company. I have several years of experience and I customer service skills.
—Guest Juanita Barron

Automotive Embedded Software Developer

Developer worked with automotive communication protocols like CAN, MOST and Flexray resulting in X by Wire systems. Using freewares like linux, OSG, OpenGLES developed vendor and user configurable digital instrument cluster. Having the strong knowledge of embedded C,C++ on windows, linux and QNX Neutrino operating systems.
—Guest Sanjeev S R

Business Development Executive

I'm a business development executive with experience in management, team leadership, and territory expansion. I have a proven ability to generate revenue and I'm a terrific talent manager. If you have the time, I'd be thrilled to share more about my background.
—Guest Exec

Product Manager

I have over 10 years of product management experience delivering comprehensive web-based business management systems and high quality web-based products. I'd be thrilled to provide details on the projects I've worked on, if you'd like the details.
—Guest Jonathan Hitchson

Sales Recruiter

I'm a high caliber recruiter with ten years of experience recruiting for all levels of sales reps and sales and marketing management professionals. I'm seeking an opportunity to leverage that experience to help a company succeed in providing recruiting services to the pharmaceutical industry.
—Guest Michaela

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