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Not Fun or Easy

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By ItrustGOD

Not Fun or Easy

The job I lost

I was an accounting clerk in Philadelphia. I handled accounts payable, reconciliations, journal entries, and the like. It was a great job - I enjoyed my co-workers and enjoyed the job as well.

What it's like being unemployed

I lost my job, and it is not a good experience at all. I am a single male with no children. I was laid off from 2 different companies in 3 years. I downsized after the first layoff and am currently renting a room. My bills are paid to date; however, I just found out that the landlord is asking everyone to move out by the end of June.

I get worried at times; however, I know that I serve a God who is able to work things out. I am following the word of God as best I can. I believe that God can do what no human can. He will touch the hearts of someone and open a door.

Like many others, I have and still am applying and have not received any responses at all. Once in a while, I will get an email saying that I am not what they are seeking at this time. I refuse to give up, but I have faith that He will give me favor. So, being unemployed is not fun, nor is it easy, but knowing God makes it easier.


  • Get to know God. Ask Him to turn this whole job situation around. Ask God for favor


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