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No Job, No Money, Soon No Home

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By Missy

The job I lost

I was moving up in the real estate business as a marketing manager, was on the way to hitting 6 figures that year. 2 1/2 years ago. The market crashed and a boss worried about her job started cutting people down. Ultimately she left but I went weeks without work, then months. I lost my car and my home. Someone I didnt know took in me and my children before we were homeless. We lived there while I searched for work. All in vain. I was either over qualified, no one wants someone from real estate, or commission only position. My children started hating me as if it were my fault.

What it's like being unemployed

I met someone who promised to take care of us. He got a job across country and wanted us to move. Said a new city will help me find work, give me a fresh start. we moved my whole family and really didnt want to go but had no choice as the people taking me in were losing THEIR home now. We moved and within a week, he left. Left me with no job, no money and soon no home. my kids are an emotional wreck. I have been applying and knocking on doors daily. I keep getting " we will get back to you" from an executive position all the way to Target. No call backs. Or else I'm over qualified or not qualified in their particular field. Duh, marketing and sales can do any field. Now I have a week to put our things in the street, and have 37.00. I have never felt more like a failure to my family and my life than right now. I failed them not with my job but with my poor intuition about an abuser and user that left us in this situation. 2300 miles from my oldest daughter who didn't live with us, but also struggling to keep her job, can afford any more that I can to visit. The other children are heartbroken and miss her.


  • I was only trying to give my kids a fighting chance at life by moving and giving me the opportunity to find a new job. I learned we only have us. NO ONE CARES and I CANT TRUST ANYTHING ANYONE says to me anymore. All I get now is "give me 89.00 a month and you will make 7,000. I have nothing left. I cant afford anything and I cant kill myself because the kids will not even have anyone and be on the streets alone. I never should have brought them into the world to suffer like this. None of us were used to this. I took care of my family myself in spite of a deadbeat father no one can find.

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