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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By sabrina

The job I lost

After 28 years at a major law firm, I was "let go" because of "work product". Here are the scenarios that they believed were "my" issue, and not the attorneys' inadequacies:

I failed to keep a copy of a Notice in a motion. My response: get one from court.

I failed to send an email to two people separately instead of jointly: Attorney reviewed/ok''draft

I needed help with a monstrous ECF filing: all others asked for and received help. I was not to ask for help.

I failed to make correspondence go out the door. My response; I was awaiting clarification on drafts; original dictation was pitiful.

What it's like being unemployed

I was keeping up with all new technology. Yet, they made me feel inept, and I know better. That really really hurts.

Other older secretaries had bosses to protect them will be there until THEY decide. They could get by with lesser technological skills.

I had no protection because my bosses had retired. I was at the mercy of "H.R.".....who have never been legal secretaries, and who seemed unwilling to listen.

It felt like they wanted me gone because I was expensive. Younger workers were jealous of my salary and benefits.

I cannot get a good reference. I cannot get any job whatsoever. May be my age? I took an on line course in a new field (medical coding) and cannot get my foot in that door either. I feel unappreciated and marginalizied due to being let go for bogus reasons and gossip.


  • Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
  • Just because you have been somewhere for a long time, watch out. Especially if you don't have someone to watch your backside. I did nothing any differently than any reasonable secretary would have, yet they used it because they wanted to get rid of me.
  • H.R. are clueless. Their bottom line, and their salaries are all they care about. It's just a job to them. They don't really care about people. They love suck ups, positive staff. I was positive until they started putting my on probation for infinity for nothing that was my shortcoming.

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