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I Don't Qualify for the Extension

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By Discouraged

The job I lost

Because I accepted a job i was WAY overqualified for, then was laid off, I don't qualify for an extension of unemployment - but if I had never gone to work for that low-paying, ethically challenged business, I'd still be getting benefits! So because I went back to work doing ANYTHING, I shot myself in the foot!

What it's like being unemployed

It's been difficult to say the least. I lost my apartment, my independence, and have been on my ex's couch for almost 2 yrs now. My back is aching, my benefits run out at the end of this month, and because my last employer kept me for a week 'extra' before laying me off, I won't qualify for an extension of benefits. That seems like total punishment for accepting that piece of crap low-life job in the first place, that promised me management within 30 -90 days. But instead, the company never promoted our GM, so our AGM never got promoted, and when the big boss found out the AGM was going to make me his right hand, the GM put his 'squeeze' into position (who knows NOTHING about business and is VERY young), and they got me right out.


  • As long as the unemployment extensions keep coming, do NOT settle for just anything, you'll regret it.
  • As tough as it is, just keep your faith like I've done, and hope for the best.
  • Keep looking forward, no matter how hard . . .
  • Make sure that you maintain friendships and if you have to, just explain that it's hard for you to be upbeat, but that it's difficult and you're trying.
  • Other than the above, I have no clue, I'm about at the end of my rope. Will I ever be independent again, or ever feel valued professionally - I'm nearing 50, and age discrimination is rampant . . pull the trigger!

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