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I Am 54 Years Old and Cannot Get a Job

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By onecent301

The job I lost

I was teaching math on an emergency credential. All I have left to do is student teach (will have my masters education/California state single subject credential) and I now cannot get hired.

I have been collecting unemployment. What I hate is I will more than likely get hired in September but since I cannot get an extension (collected for one year), will more than likely become homeless, have my car repossessed. It will be kind of hard to look for work living on the streets!

What it's like being unemployed

Demeaning. I am 54 years old and because of the economy, I cannot get a job. I look everyday but I am only qualified to teach. I submit my resume online (now the way of the world), everyday and do not get any calls for interviews. This is the worst time of my life!


  • Pay attention when you go to vote. The politicians have no idea what it is like to lose your home and go hungry because you can't find a job.

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