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How Am I Going to Provide For My Children

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By ed lawson

How Am I Going to Provide For My Children

me "broke"

The job I lost

I had a job in marketing and lost it doing the down fall, of what appeared to be, of our country. I am a father of 2 boys, the oldest one not being my biological child, yet he is still my oldest son.

Though they do not live with me now that were living with me about 4 day a week before the "crash". Yet, the needs for them do not stop.

What it's like being unemployed

I thank God for the unemployment and the EUI benefits, yet after over a year of searching for a job with no success, I still find myself wondering how I am going to provide for myself and my children. The $1400 dollars that I make a month is broken up to: $500 for rent, $500 for child support and just about $100 a week to survive on.

Even with me struggling to be a father to my children and a provider. I still now find myself in great distress, worrying that my EUI ends on April 20th, 2010, and what I will do after that.

I have been to Social Service and they said that I "MAKE" to much money for them to help me.

I have also been to the Maryland Medical Assistance Program "PAC" and just like Social Service, I make to much money to get help.

Unemployment along with the extension has greatly helped me and my family, but I find myself wondering what "the power to be" are thinking. The fact that their jobs and medical assistance are secure they really can not feel the pain that we go through after we have lost our jobs and still have to provide for our families. They feel that 4 tiers are enough for the EUI, but fail to think about the hundreds of thousands of people who have spent everyday for the past year and a half (almost) looking for jobs and have been unsuccessful.

They fail to realize that if nothing is done it will be an overload on the Social Service system because we still need help, with or without another tier being provided, WE NEED HELP.


  • I have learned that unemployment ends. That no matter what the past or future brings, our unemployment will end. If we have not found a job, what then? Do we overload the Social Service Department or do we seek help from our leaders to not only extend the unemployment but to also add another tier for those of us who are still suffering.
  • Continue to look for a job and look hard, but realize that if none is found you are up the creek without a paddle.
  • Push our leaders to extend the UI and the EUI benefits to better prepare ourselves to deal with the aftermath of the 'crash' to help us support our familie


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