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Fired for Not Taking the Job Seriously

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By Emee

The job I lost

I lost my job as a word processor for many reasons. I worked there for nearly 2 years.

I was fired because... 1. I came in late too many times. 2. I did not do my work as quickly as I should have been. 3. I am bad at office politics. 4. I never took my job seriously.

I was very young when I got my first serious job, about 19 years old making 40k a year. Life was becoming to serious too quickly so I started to use my sister's ID to party after work. My drinking became progressively worse and I could never get to work on time or even concentrate on what I needed to do. Now I'm 27 and I see things much differently.

What it's like being unemployed

At first its great. But then reality hits. You can't afford your bills and they pile up. You rely on others and hate it. You get desperate and apply for medicaid and food stamps. I also became pregnant last year while being unemployed. So now I struggle to find money for diapers, wonder how I will get a job when I can't even afford to travel and the list of issues goes on and on.


  • If you care about anything you have, your apartment, your children, your car and your quality of life...get to work on time. Talk about the weather if someone asks, even if you hate to. Do your job in a timely fashion. Take your lunch breaks at reasonable times and give proper notice if you are taking a day off.

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