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Misled by the Temp Agency

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By GeriGreen

How I was discriminated against

A couple of years ago, I was given a day's notice to report on a Tuesday to a position via Stiver's temp agency. They had quickly selected me out of a pool of candidates in the office just after I had completed my application. They assured me that if, for any reason, the position was not a good fit, all I needed do was notify them and they would provide a replacement opportunity for me. When I reported to the job, I was told that the person they expected on Monday had not shown. The job required heavy lifting and when I notified Stiver's I had injured my back, the rep yelled at me. Now they will not refer me again.

Describe what happened

While training, it became obvious that someone with a medical records background would be better suited to the position. By day 3, my back was in knots. One of the people in the department pointed me to where they stockpiled a huge bottle of Advil and said to get used to it, "You'll have this every day that you work here."

When I was told that once a year I would be audited by a state agency for proper placement of the pages, I felt truly out of my element. On day 3, I notified Stivers that this job needed to have someone with a medical records background. I did this as soon as possible because the trainer was only available that particular week before returning to college and whoever took the position would need as much time as possible to learn the details of how to file the medical records as accurately as possible.

The staffing agent yelled at me that I should never have accepted the position if I didn't intend to stay on the job. Then she yelled what really upset her, "How do you expect us to get paid if you quit?"

I replied that even though I have vast office support experience, in no way did did my resume indicate that I had training or experience in working with medical records.

Lessons Learned

  • In reviewing various comments of temp agencies on the Internet, there are comments about many of the staffing firms. Stiver's seems to draw really strong criticism from many applicants.
  • Just because an agency says not to stay in a position that is not a good fit, remember that their main purpose is to be paid, and they are paid by the employer, not the client, so they will work more for the company than the employee.
  • With the economy as it is, there is an attitude that you take what you can get, and may have to try harder to retain a position than you might wish to.

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