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Targeted by My Manager and His Cronies

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By vanderpump

Why I Was Fired

I went to work at a small medical company that was a sardine can. From the first day of employment I was the target of the manager and his cronies. All of them one by one could not teach a dog a new trick if their life depended on it. They did not train me instead they would make me feel stupid , isolate me, and find every excuse to put me down. It was complete torture day in and day out. It got so bad I could not walk around the building. People avoided me like the plague and whenever someone tried to help me they would get screamed at. I was abused and the experience has left me scarred.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

After the firing I was so liberated and stress free. The first thing I did was start looking for another job. I did indeed get another job however, its turning out to be something that I am not good at and I don't think I will be there much more. It is mind boggling in this society but I have found out through experience this is par for the course in this economy. Most employers want you to catch on in 2 weeks or at the most 2 months, or you are out.


  • Do what you love, not what you have to do. I know it's hard out there but I am realizing that being miserable takes a lot out of your life. It has caused me health problems and to shut down and it takes away from your family life. I need the job and I need the benefits but I know I will eventually get something I enjoy. I keep trying and picking myself up . Ask for more training. Do not get angry. It's easy to be upset and I sure have gone through it . However, today most managers are half my age and don't care and the workplace is impersonal. I am now applying for something else. Keep moving.

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