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Fired for Stealing Coupons

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By Stealing coupons

Why I Was Fired

Three months in my job there was some coupons that were distributed to customers when they spent money. There was lots of Mexican border people going home and elders I would attend so coupons were returned back to me. That was a first, so I asked fellow employees what to do with the coupons. The girls in my area concluded to keep the coupons since they would be wasted. I did not see it as stealing, more as picking up coupons that were thrown away. Two months later, I’m terminated because I should have told a supervisor and not an employee, and they saw it as actual cash and said it was considered stealing from the company.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

I have completely moved on and am doing amazing in school and in all my extra curricular activities. I have been able to grow from this by getting in contact with all my authoritive figures in all aspects of life asking them about absolutely everything I might have questions about. This has allowed me to continue on and mature as I grow up in life. This has not stopped me one bit. It was my only job and first job because I had just gotten out of high school and into college, but I am looking forward to the bright future ahead of me. Being fired did not affect me negatively because I know I am a well behaved and smart girl who honestly does few mistakes. This was my first mistake like this where I had actually left with negative actions. In everything I do I have always been successful and therefore, I continue to look towards my future to come even if stealing coupons is in my employee background.


  • Ask your manager or supervisor about any questions you might have.
  • Do not depend on other employees to make a decision for you, if you are unsure about something ask your supervisors and managers.
  • Keep a good background from the beginning to the end of your job because even if you get fired you want to leave the company knowing you were a hard worker. When I got fired they said "we hate to let go of someone like you."
  • Be friendly always, if employees do no like you you know you are at least friendly and if they try to sabotage you in any way, do not listen and tell a supervisor/ manager instead.
  • Learn from it

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