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Fired for Making Too Much Money

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By DarylShy

Why I Was Fired

My job was to take a variety of calls ranging from candidates calling to get a phone screen, to helping managers and store HR take care of their staffing needs.

Managers and Store HR callers got priority in terms of how quickly they could get an agent on the phone versus candidates. Candidates had to wait in queue until someone was available.

Occasionally, I would get a candidate who came through the Manager or Technical difficulty line, essentially skipping over the candidates who were waiting patiently in queue.

I would put those candidates back in queue.

For that, I was fired. No prior write-ups. Just Fired

What Being Fired Has Been Like

It was extraordinarily painful. I had poured my blood, sweat and tears into that company. I helped start 2 departments, implemented process improvements, trained managers, supervisors, associates. My metrics were always on point. I was a go-to person for hard to answer questions. I won several awards, including Peer-to-Peer recognitions. I was known throughout the call center, even outside of my department. My disciplinary record was clean as a whistle. No write ups or verbal warnings in the 5 years I was there. The only mistake I made was making too much money for my role.

I was making about $15,000.00 over my peers and management wanted to clear some money off of their payroll. So they made up a reason to fire me.

I live in Georgia, an at-will state where you can be fired for any reason. They kicked me out on the streets to have to fend for myself. Now I am waiting to see if I can get food stamps and unemployment so I can pay my bills.

The maximum unemployment I can receive will only be enough to pay my rent. I have to stretch my final paycheck to pay electricity, cable, internet, phone and other living expenses until I find another job. I have no health insurance, and the company knew that I had medical problems that requires me to need continuous medical care. They didn't even offer me COBRA.

The day I was fired, I was called into my Sr. Managers office. He asked me why I transferred certain calls back into the queue. I explained to him that it was only candidates that came in on the incorrect line, so that they can wait in line and not skip over candidates who had been waiting patiently. He said okay, and I thought that was the end of it.

30 minutes later, my manager told me that my Sr. Manager wanted to see me downstairs. I knew something was wrong. My manager had a look on his face of sheer guilt. He couldn't even look me in the eyes.

I sat down and listened to him speak for about 5 minutes about how important customer service is to our clients. At the end of his statement, he said, this is your last day with the company. I was in total shock.

I said, "why???" He said, "I'm not going to argue with you, I just need you to get your things and go." I sat there for a second and put my hands over my face as I was becoming overwhelmed with emotions. He said, "Is there anything you want me to get off of your desk?" I said, "no" and left the building.

After walking about 100 ft away from the building, I just burst into tears uncontrollably.


  • Read the writing on the wall. If you feel that you are being targeted, it may be time to move on to another department. Don't second guess yourself, just do it.
  • Don't stay in one role over 1 year.
  • Make sure your pay rate does not go too far over your peers, you will be making yourself a target for budget cuts.
  • Document every single conversation even if your boss seems friendly and someone you like. My boss never hinted that he was ever leaning towards firing me.
  • If you feel that you are being discriminated against or targeted, go to your HR as much as possible to get as much on record as you can.
  • PRAY

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