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Reader Reviews: Job Site Reviews: Best and Worst Job Sites

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By alex

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I have been reading some bad reviews of teleportmyjob.

My experience has been that the money spent was well worthwhile.

I was with them for 3 months last year, they responded at all times very professionaly and I wish that more organisations could do the same.

I knew what job I was looking for and was suitably qualified for the position I was seeking. (This is important)

They advised me of 40 possible positions in the location and field I was interested in. They made (after my approval) 20 job applications on my behalf

They provided feedback on about 60% of these applications.

One led to me being flown to Dubai for an interview and the offer of a position

This offer was not as high as I wanted at the time and I did not take up the position. Another lead got so far as a job offer ( location and position exactly as I required).

Everyone should remember that the job market is a very tough place and if you are unrealistic in your expectations you cannot blame anyone else.

I felt that for £19.00 per month teleport my job performed well in finding potential jobs and making the application on my behalf. That is what they offer and to my mind they performed well.

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