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What Are Unemployment Benefit Disqualifications?

Reasons You May Not Get Unemployment


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Question: What Are Unemployment Benefit Disqualifications?

Eligibility for unemployment benefits isn't automatic. There are reasons that your unemployment claim can be denied and that you can be disqualified from collecting unemployment.

Answer: The following circumstances may disqualify you from collecting unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefit Disqualifications

  • Insufficient earnings - eligibility for unemployment depends on your earnings during a designated base period, which is typically the past year.
  • Fired for cause when your employer alleges misconduct, including if you violated a company policy or rule.
  • Quit without a good cause.
  • Resigned because of illness (check on disability benefits).
  • Left to get married.
  • Self-employed, or a contract or freelance worker.
  • Involved in a labor dispute, like a strike.
  • Left to attend school.

When You Quit Your Job

In most cases, if you voluntarily quit your job you are not eligible for unemployment. However, if you left for "good cause" you may be able to collect.

"Good cause" is determined by the state unemployment office and you will be able to make a case for why you are eligible for benefits. Here's more on unemployment when you quit a job and information on what is considered good cause for unemployment eligibility.

In addition, if you give notice, but the employer doesn't accept the notice and terminates your employment immediately, it is typically considered an involuntary termination and you may qualify for benefits.

How to File an Unemployment Appeal
If you have filed an unemployment benefits claim and your claim is turned down or contested by your employer, you have the right to appeal the denial of your unemployment claim. Here's how to file an unemployment appeal.

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