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Where To Get Help When Your Unemployment Checks Run Out


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What can you do if your unemployment checks have run out, are about to run out, or if you can't get by on unemployment benefits, which typically aren't enough to live on?

In addition to unemployment compensation, there are a variety of other resources available for individuals collecting unemployment, as well as for those who are out of unemployment benefits, and for their families. There are eligibility guidelines so check to determine what aid you may be able to receive.

Check for Updates on Unemployment Extensions
Additional Extended Unemployment Compensation benefits may be implemented. Check frequently for updates on possible federal unemployment extensions.

About Job Search Facebook Community
Get support, advice, news and information for unemployed workers on the About Job Search Facebook page.

Free Job Search Help
How job seekers can identify free, or inexpensive, job search and career resources in their geographic areas.

Non-Profit and Social Services Agencies

2-1-1 Call Center
Call to find local assistance with training, employment, food pantries, affordable housing, and support groups.

Directory of Homeless Shelters
Homeless shelters throughout the United States from the National Coalition of the Homeless.

Food Banks
Directory of Food Banks, listed by state. Food banks offer meals or groceries, or both.

Free Phones
Free phone service is available to eligible low-income families through several different programs. Each program is funded by telecommunications companies to ensure that low-income families have access to affordable phone service.

Loans for Unemployed Workers
Information on the types of loans available for unemployed workers, how to qualify for a loan, and options for borrowing money when you are out of work.

Libraries and Churches

Check with your local library and your church for information on job search support groups and other assistance for unemployed workers and their families. Here's information on programs for job seekers provided by libraries.

Help With Pets

If you are having difficulty caring for your pets, there is help available. Check with your local animal shelter and veterinarian to if they can assist or refer you to sources for pet food and care. Other options include:

Government Assistance

Career OneStop Benefits and Assistance

In addition to employment resources, the Career OneStop Center has information on government programs and local sources of assistance that can help with health care, housing, food, family support, energy assistance and more.

Home Affordable Modification Program (AMP)
This program, along with others, allows qualifying unemployed homeowners to reduce or suspend mortgage payments for 12 months or more, so they can focus on finding a job without the pressure of foreclosure.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Each state has a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program (formerly called welfare). TANF can help with food stamps, financial assistance, training, and job searching. This directory, from About.com's Guide to Single Parents Jennifer Wolf, has contact information for every state.

Food Stamps
The federal Food Stamp Program, now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low income families and individuals buy food.

Medicaid provides medical benefits to low income people who have no medical insurance or have inadequate medical insurance.

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC is a supplemental nutrition program administered by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Additional Federal Benefit Programs
Information on federal assistance programs from About.com Guide to US Government Info Robert Longley, including: HUD Public Housing Assistance Program, Dislocated and Laid Off Worker Program, Dislocated Worker Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and health insurance programs for uninsured children.

State and Local Social Services Offices
Click on the map to find state and local social services offices in your locations.

Job Search Resources

Job searching can be a major issue when you've lost your Internet access and/or don't have a computer. However, you can job search online without having your own computer. If you can access a computer at a library, for example, you'll be able to check email, create, update and print resumes and cover letters, and apply for jobs.

Online Job Search Guide
These resources provide advice on how to write resumes, CVs, cover letters and other employment letters, where to look for jobs, how to conduct a job search, the best way to use networking and social media to job search, how to interview successfully and negotiate compensation, and how to research employment related benefits and legal matters.

Save Money

15 Ways To Save Money on the Web
When your financial situation is tough, it's a good idea to learn new ways to save money. Here are tips on how to save money from About.com's Guide to Web Search, Wendy Boswell.

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