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Types of Work at Home Jobs

The various types of work at home job opportunities and companies that hire for telecommunity work at home jobs.

Disclaimer: You may see advertisements for work at home jobs on this page, because that's the topic of the page. Just because you see an ad or a site listed here, that doesn't make a legitimate company. Carefully investigate companies that you are interested in.

Top 10 Jobs to Work Remotely
From crowdsourcing to ghostwriting, translating to customer service management, you might be surprised how many different types of jobs are available on a remote basis. Here's some of them, including tips on how to work remotely.

9 Types of Freelance Jobs
Information on nine different types of freelance jobs, advice and suggestions on how to find freelance job listings online, and how to beware of scams.

Artistic Jobs
Artistic Jobs in photography, illustration, graphic design and more from About.com Guide to Work-at-Home Moms, Laureen Miles Brunelli.

Call Center Jobs
To find a home call center job (aka virtual call center), start by researching potential companies carefully. Here's how from About.com Guide to Work-at-Home Moms, Laureen Miles Brunelli.

Home Based Agent
A home based agent is someone who works from their home office gathering, entering and confirming customer information, answering customer questions, resolving issues, providing customer care, engaging in live chat, responding to email, and handling sales calls with customers.

Online Tutor
Online tutors work for internet based companies that offer help, within a variety of subject areas, to students of all ages.

Paid Surveys
Paid surveys are online surveys, where you receive a payment for responding to survey questions.

Virtual Assistant
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is, in most cases, an entrepreneur who works from their home office. Virtual Assistants provide administrative, secretarial, and clerical support, as well as creative and/or technical services for a client.

Work at Home Transcription Jobs
Work at home transcriptionists are usually independent contractors who transcribe and edit recorded reports onto their home computer.

Work at Home Writing Jobs
Writing jobs for both beginners and pros from About.com Guide to Work-at-Home Moms, Laureen Miles Brunelli.

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