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Top 6 Gifts for Job Seekers


Do you need to find a gift for someone special who is looking for work? Choose from products that help get you organized or items that provide a special extra touch when interviewing for employment. Here are gifts that will help organize a job search and help and make a great impression.

1. Cross Pen Set

A Cross pen and pencil set add a classic and classy touch to your interviewing attire, and you'll be prepared to take notes when you interview.
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2. Palm TX PDA

The Palm TX handheld, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology lets you check email, carry your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and helps you stay organized the simple way.
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3. At-A-Glance Appointment Book

For those of us who stay organized the old fashioned way, this appointment book will assist with keeping track of where you have sent your resume, who you have networked with, and when you are going to follow-up.
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4. Leather Briefcase

This brown leather briefcase is reasonably priced and has room for a laptop, as well as your resume and other interviewing necessities.
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5. Leather Portfolio

This zippered portfolio/organizer has plenty of room for a note pad, pens, your resume, references and other job searching essentials.
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6. Resume and Cover Letter Edit / Writing

For the person who has almost everything, a professional resume or cover letter review or rewrite may be the perfect gift. It's not always something we thing of purchasing and can only help to have a professional review our application materials.

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