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Gadball Overview:

Gadball.com users can create a Profile on GadBall, then interact with other users, get recommendations, network, create a resume, and search for and apply for jobs.

GadBall has built integration with many other sites, including Facebook and Twitter, to help you share your Profile and your expertise with a greater audience.

There are also a variety of career tools job seekers can use to boost their candidacy for employment.
Using Gadball is a bit like one-stop job search shopping with resume hosting, networking, social media integration, and searching for applying for jobs, all on one site.


Create a Gadball Profile:

Gadball allows job seekers to create a free Profile where they can upload resumes to be viewed by potential employers. Or, you can use Facebook Connect for a quick signup using your Facebook account information.

Users can host recommendations written on their behalf on their Profiles.
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Gadball Job Search:

Gadball offers users the convenience of an onsite job search engine built into the site. Users have the ability to search for jobs by industry, location, company and keyword. Full job descriptions are provided and applications can be submitted directly to employers through the site.
Gadball Job Search

Gadball Tools:

Gadball provides a variety of career tools including a resume builder, sample cover letters, interview sample questions and answers, salary negotiation tips and career videos. In addidtion, users have access to discussion forums to connect with fellow job seekers.

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