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Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Job Interview Answer: Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company?


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Here are sample answers for teenage job seekers for the interview question "Why are you interested in working for our company?"

Suggested Answers

I am interested in working for your company because I am a customer of your store. As a customer, I've gotten to know your company well and appreciate your products and the environment that you've created here in your store. It's important for me to work some place that I admire, and I know that I would be proud to work here.

I would love to work for your company because I have a passion for clothing and design and I plan to study fashion merchandising in college. I try to keep myself up to date with the latest styles and trends, and I feel working for you would enable me to put my passion to good use. I also cannot wait to gain the real world experience I will get from working in your shop.

Because your company works directly with children, is the number one reason I am interested in working with your company. I love spending time with kids and I think kids enjoy spending time with me. Working in your after school program would be rewarding and a lot of fun!

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