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Interview Selection

Information on the interview selection process, when and how applicants are notified about interviews, sample interview invitations, and examples of letters to accept or decline an interview.

Interview Process
Information on the job interview process, including the steps involved in the interview process from screening interviews to final interviws and job offers. Plus advice and tips on how to handle each stage of the interview process.

Steps in the Hiring Process
Information on the steps involved in the hiring process including applying for jobs, interviewing, employment testing, background and reference checks, and job offers. Also tips and advice on each step in the hiring process.

How Employers Notify Applicants About Interviews
Information on how employers notify applicants about job interviews, including when you can expect to hear, sample interview invitations, and sample letters accepting or declining a job interview.

Interview Acceptance Letter Example
Example of a letter sent via email to accept and confirm a job interview.

Decline a Job Interview Letter
Example of a letter sent via email to decline a job interview.

Email Interview Invitation
Example of an email invitation sent to a job applicant who has been selected for a one-on-one interview.

Invitation to Interview - Date Given
Example of an interview invitation letter specifying a date and time for the applicant to interview.

Invitation to Select an Interview Date (Online Application)
Example of a letter stating the job applicant has been selected for an interview and inviting them to schedule a time.

Panel Interview Invitation
Example of a letter inviting a candidate for employment to an interview conducted by a panel of interviewers.

Second Interview Invitation
Example of an invitation to a second interview.

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