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Seasonal Jobs

How to Search for Seasonal Jobs


Seasonal Jobs
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Seasonal jobs are available throughout the year. Companies, especially retail and transportation, hire seasonal workers for the busy holiday season. Resorts hire workers for both ski season and summer seasonal positions. What's the best way to find a seasonal job?

The job search engines are a good way to find seasonal job listings. When you use the Advanced Search options you'll be able to search by type of position and narrow the results to include only job listings with evening hours. Here's how to search for seasonal jobs on the top job search engines.

Search for Seasonal jobs on Indeed.com:

  • Use Indeed.com's main search page to search by keyword "evening" and your location.
  • Or, click on Advanced Job Search or go directly to Indeed.com's Advanced Job Search page.
  • Select a Location.
  • Add Keywords: "seasonal" or "seasonal holiday" "seasonal retail" "seasonal ski" or "seasonal summer", depending on the type of position you are looking for.
  • Click Find Jobs.

Search for Seasonal Jobs on LinkUp.com:

  • Click on Advanced or go directly to LinkUp.com's Advanced page.
  • Enter "seasonal" or "seasonal holiday" "seasonal retail" "seasonal ski" or "seasonal summer" in the keyword box.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Select job tags if you are interested in a specific type of position.
  • Click Search Jobs.

Search for Seasonal Jobs on SimplyHired.com:

  • Enter "seasonal" or "seasonal holiday" "seasonal retail" "seasonal ski" or "seasonal summer" as a keyword and your location (city, state or zip code) on SimplyHire.com
  • Click on Search All Jobs.

Search for Seasonal Jobs on CoolWorks.com

In addition to the search engines, be sure to check out the job postings on CoolWorks.com. All the jobs listed are seasonal jobs and you'll find postings for a variety of occupations in many locations.

CoolWorks.com is the leading job site for seasonal jobs and career opportunities. National parks, ski resorts, camps, ranches, theme parks, and other organization that hire for seasonal positions list job opportunities on Cool Works.

Apply Direct

Job seekers can also apply directly to the employers who hire seasonal help. When you of know a company you would like to work for, visit the "Careers" section of the company website. You will find information on seasonal job opportunities, as well as permanent openings. In many cases, you can apply online and you may be able to schedule and interview online, as well.

Apply In Person

Many employers still accept in-person job applications, especially when hiring seasonal workers. You can pick up an application from the company and complete it on the spot or return it at a later time. Do know what dates, hours, and days you are available to work before you apply.

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