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Employment Recruiters


Working with a recruiter can be a good way to get additional exposure with companies that are hiring. A recruiter can help market your candidacy for employment and help you secure a job interview.

Where do you start if you don't have a relationship with a recruiter? Here's information on employment recruiters including types of recruiters, how to find a recruiter, how to select a recruiter and tips for working with recruiters.

What is a Recruiter?

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A recruiter is someone who solicits individuals to fill a particular job position. Recruiters seek out, screen, and interview candidates before presenting them to the client. Here's more on what a recruiter does and how they help candidates for employment.

How Recruiters Help Job Seekers

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The terms which describe the people and companies that earn a living helping job seekers find jobs can be confusing. Here is a description of who's who and who does what in the world of employment recruiting.

Get the details on the different types of recruiters and employment agencies, tips on when to use a headhunter vs. job searching on your own, and how to decide whether working with a recruiter, and which type of recruiter, makes good job search sense.

Types of Recruiters

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Some recruiters work directly for employers, while others work for a recruitment agency. Recruiters may specialize in a certain industry or career field or may work in a specific location, but recruit for more general jobs in that location.

Here are examples of the various types of recruiters that work to connect organizations with candidates for employment.

How to Find a Recruiter

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Are you interested in working with a recruiter, but not sure how to go about about locating someone to work with? There are sites you can use to search for and connect with recruiters in your career field, industry and/or location.

Here's information on websites you can use to find a recruiter to help give your job search a boost. You will be able to connect directly with a recruiter that matches your needs via email or a contact for on the recruiter website.

How to Select a Recruiter

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Once you have narrowed down a list of recruiters, how can you tell which recruiter will work well for you?

Here's advice on how to choose a recruiter including what a recruiter will ask you, what to ask the recruiter and how to make a match that works well for you both.

Building Relationships With a Recruiter

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It's important to be clear on the terms of your agreement with a recruiter prior to starting to work together.

Before you jump out there and start calling or emailing every recruiter listed online, here are some quick facts you should know about recruiters, along with advice on how to build an effective relationship with your recruiter.

Tips for Working With a Recruiter

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You have found a recruiter to work with. What's the next step?

Here's advice on standing out in a large candidate pool, building strategic relationships with recruiters, and how to make the best impression when working with a recruiter from leading career and recruiting experts.

Do's and Don'ts for Working with a Recruiter

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When you are working with a recruiter, it's important to get it right. Otherwise, neither you nor the recruiter will benefit from their expertise and connections.

A recruiter will best able to help you with your job search if you follow these tips from About.com's Guide to Health Careers, Andrea Santiago, on maximizing results, as well as what to avoid when working with recruiters.

Take Advantage of Social Recruiting

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Like just about everything else related to job searching, recruiting has gone social. Companies are increasingly using social recruiting to source candidates for employment, as well as to investigate applicants they are considering hiring.

It's important to be aware of how companies are using social media to recruit, so you can use employers' social recruiting tactics to your advantage and position yourself to be discovered by companies seeking candidates.

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