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Job Interview Answer: What Would You Do if a Customer Complains?


Job Interview Answer: What Would You Do if a Customer Complains?

How would you handle it if a customer complains about the coffee, the food, or anything else in the shop or restaurant? Hiring managers want to know how you'll handle complaints from customers.

Here are sample answers you can use to respond to questions about why the coffee tastes terrible. You can tweak the responses to fit other types of complaints, as well.

  • I would offer to make a fresh pot for the customer, and replace her coffee with a fresh one.
  • I would take her complaint seriously. I would take some from the dispenser that hers came from, and smell and taste it. If it seemed off, I would make a fresh brew. If it seemed fine, I would offer her the option of trying another brew, as this one may not have been to her taste.
  • I would suggest that perhaps this particular brew was not to her taste, and offer her the option of choosing another.

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