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How to Include Keywords in Your Resume


How to Include Keywords in Your Resume

Resume Tip: Use Resume Keywords

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Your resume should include the same keywords that appear in job descriptions. That way, you will increase your chances of your resume matching available positions - and of you being selected for an interview.

Your resume keywords should include specific job requirements, including your skills, software and technology competencies, relevant credentials, and previous employers.

For example, based on experience, a candidate for an employee benefits management position might use the following resume keywords: employee benefit plans, CEBS, health care benefits, benefit policy, FMLA. A customer service representative could include: customer service, customer tracking system, computer skills, order entry experience.

The best way to find keywords to use in your resume is to use a job search engine to search for job listings. Check the results to see if you can find a common theme in the keywords listed in the job postings. Incorporate those skill keywords into your resume. Also check this list list of action keywords you can use to describe those skills.

Resume Keywords
Most companies use recruiting management software to screen candidates for job openings. Resume keywords are the words that those hiring managers search for when going through their database of resumes.

Cover Letter Keywords
How to use skill, results and recognition keywords in your cover letter to increase your chances of getting selected for an interview.

Resume Tips
More resume tips and advice for writing a perfect resume, plus resume tips for online job applications, resume formatting, resume styles, choosing a resume writer, and tips for writing resumes that secure an interview.

Resume Examples
Before you start work on your resume, review free resume samples that fit a variety of employment situations. These resumes examples and templates provide job seekers with examples of resume formats that will work for almost every job seeker.

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