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Resume Examples Listed by Career Level


Whether you are writing a resume for your first job, a resume for your first professional position, or you are updating your resume in ordero include relevant experience, it's helpful to review sample resumes. You can use the samples below to get ideas and suggestions for your own personal resume.

Here are resume examples listed by career level, including high school, college, entry level, management resumes, as well as resumes for a variety of different professions and industries. Use these sample resumes as a guideline to tailoring your own resume to best illustrate your past experiences.

High School Resume Examples

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It can be hard to get started on writing a resume if you're a high school student without much - or any - work experience. However, it can be easier when you look at samples of resumes that other high schools students have written.

College Resume Samples

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When you're a college student or recent graduate it can be a challenge to figure out what to include on your resume. However, most college students don't have an extensive employment history and employers don't expect you to have signficant work experience. Here are examples of resumes for college students and grads including resumes for internships, summer jobs, and full-time positions for after graduation.

Entry Level Resume Samples

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Resumes for entry jobs will obviously have less, or even no work experience, than resumes for jobs which require experience. However, do tailor your resume as much as possible to show you're a good match for the jobs you are applying for. Here are entry level resume examples for a variety of different scenarios.

Management Resume Samples

Amanda Rohde

Review these resume examples for inspiration on how to make your management resume the best it can be and illustrate your personal skills, talents, and experience.  Especially when applying for a management level position, you will want to showcase your management experience, your achievements, and your accomplishments relevant to the jobs you are applying for, as well as your management strategy and leadership skills. Review these sample resumes to get an idea of how to create a successful, and professional, management resume.

Resumes Samples for Professional Positions

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When you're writing a resume it's a good idea to look at resumes that are relevant for your profession. Review resume examples for a variety of different professions and types of jobs to use as a starting point for creating your own resume, in order to create a profession-specific resume that successfully highlights your skills, achievements, and experience relevant to the position you are applying for.

Resumes Listed by Career Field / Industry

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Here are resume examples listed by occupation and industry including administrative, banking, business, construction, customer service, education, entry level, finance, hospitality, management, retail, writing and more examples of resumes for employment.

Resume Styles

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There are several different types of resumes you can use to apply for job openings. Depending on your personal circumstances, choose a chronological, a functional, combination, or a targeted resume.

Resume Samples and Templates

Review more resume samples for a variety of employment situations. These sample resumes and templates provide job seekers with examples of resume formats that will work for almost every job seeker.

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