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Pongo Resume Builder


Pongo Resume Builder
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Pongo Resume Builder:

Pongo Resume Builder allows you to create your resume, customize it in a variety of formats (it offers a good selection of templates), offers step-by-step guidance, sample phrases, live support, and allows you to create unlimited versions. This part of the service is free.

Pongo Resume Subscription Services:

To use Pongo beyond creating your resume requires you to subscribe for a monthly or yearly fee. Subscription services include printing, downloading, emailing, faxing, tracking, multiple file formats, professional stationary, interview tips, and additional resources.


Building Your Resume With Pongo:

Pongo helps you create a complete profile – and takes into consideration "special circumstances" like gaps in employment, frequent job changes, returning to work after long absence, transition from the military, etc.

To start creating a resume you answer a few simple questions. You can name your resume and save different versions in a variety of formats. In addition, you can save your resume at any time during the process.

Pongo Resume Job Search Tool:

Pongo Resume has partnered with Indeed.com to provide job listings to members. Pongo's Job Search Tool uses information provided in your Pongo profile to find matching jobs in your area, and users can refine the search to focus on different job titles, keywords, employers, and locations.

Pongo Resume Resources:

Pongo can help match your resumes to job listings (local and around the globe). The site also offers articles and a blog, helpful interview tips, and professional writing services, as well.

Pongo Resume Reviews:

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Pongo Resume Reviews

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