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Resignation Letter Samples

80 Resignation Letter Examples and Advice on How to Resign



A resignation letter provides official notice to your employer that you're leaving your job.

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Ready to resign from your job? How you write a resignation letter is important, because it usually isn't easy to resign and stay on good terms with the company you are leaving. Even if you hate your job and can't wait to start your new job, it can be difficult to resign diplomatically and tactfully. A well-written resignation letter can help ensure your resignation goes smoothly.

Why Write a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while paving the way for you to move on.

You never know when you might need that previous employer to give you a reference, so it makes sense to take the time to write polished and professional resignation letters. Your resignation letter also provides official notice that you're terminating your employment with the company.

Resignation Letter Examples

Review these employee resignation letter examples to get ideas for your own letter to use to resign from employment. There are general resignation letters, email messages, letters specifying a reason for leaving and many other examples to use to announce you are leaving a job.

Basic Resignation Letter Samples

The following are general resignation letters that can be used for any circumstances. They are short and to the point.

Resignation Letter Templates

These are templates you can use as a starting point for your own letter.

Resignation Letters for a Reason Examples

Review resignation letters that provide a reason for leaving, and letters and email messages for special circumstances including no notice and short notice.

Email Resignation Messages and Announcements

Resignation Email Messages Examples
Review resignation email message examples and sample resignation announcements to use to resign from employment and to inform colleagues and clients that you are leaving your job

Funny Resignation Letters

Here are resignation letters you might wish you could write, but shouldn't.

Farewell to Co-Workers Letters

Advice on How to Resign

How to Resign
When you resign from your job, it's important to resign gracefully and professionally. Give adequate notice to your employer, write a formal resignation letter, and be prepared to move on prior to submitting your resignation.

I Quit! How to Resign
How to handle a resignation, including giving notice, how to resign, asking for a reference, as well as sample resignation letters and retirement letters.

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