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Relocation Packages

Relocation Packages for New Employees and Transfers


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When you receive a job offer or your company transfers you and you need to relocate, you may be eligible for a relocation package. In some cases, the company will pay for the full expense of moving. In others, you may be given a flat dollar amount to cover your expenses. Some companies may not cover any expenses related to moving.

Typically, if offered, most relocation packages include:

Home Finding. A trip, including transportation and hotel costs, to find a future home suitable for your family are paid for.

Home Sales / Home Buying. The costs of selling your home and purchasing a new home are commonly included in relocation packages.

Transportation. Companies may reimburse employees who have to move to their new location via train, automobile, or airplane.

Temporary Housing. The cost of temporary rental housing or a hotel for a certain period of time is often provided.

Full Pack / Unpack. When the company covers moving, movers will be sent to pack up your household goods and transport them to your new home, where they will unload, and in some cases unpack, the boxes where you wish.

Before you make arrangements to move, double-check specifics of your relocation package with your employer so you know exactly what will be covered or reimbursed.

Tax Deductible Travel Expenses

If your employer doesn't cover relocation expenses, some of your travel expense may be tax deductible. If you travel to a location and, while there, you look for a new job in your present occupation, you may be able to deduct travel expenses. Here's more information on tax deductions for job seekers.

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