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Letters of Recommendation and References

Reference checks, reference and recommendation letters, using references, and answers to reference questions.

Letters of Recommendation
Who and how to ask for a reference, written and verbal references, how to write letters of recommendation and a selection of resume letter samples.

Letters of Recommendation Samples
Revivew letter of recommendation samples, including recommendation letters for employment, academic letters of recommendation and character / personal letters of recommendation. There are a variety of recommendation samples including examples of written and email letters of recommendations.

Character and Personal Reference Letters
How to use a character reference (personal reference) in addition to or as an alternative to employment reference letters. Includes letter samples for character references and personal reference letter samples.

Types of Recommendation Letters
There are several types of recommendation letters including recommendation letters for employment, for college or graduate school, and for online networking sites like LinkedIn. Here is information on the types of recommendation letters including employment, academic, personal, character, student and more sample recommendation letters.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
How to write a letter of recommendation, including what to include in each section of the letter, how to send it and sample letters of recommendation for employment and academics.

Providing References With Job Applications
Employers frequently ask for a list of references with a job application. Here is information on who to use as a reference and how to provide a reference list to a company when you apply.

Reference Letter Guidelines
Guidelines for writing, organizing and formatting reference letters for students, friends, employees, or colleagues for whom you are providing employment or admissions recommendations.

Reference List Sample
Sample reference list to provide to employers who request references.

Employment Verification: Will They or Won't They?
What type of information do employers ask when they verify employment or check references? Here's what they are going to find out, as well as how to put a positive on your jobs and any gaps in your resume.

List of References Format
Revew the format of list of references to provide to an employer during the hiring process

Letter of Recommendation Template
Letter of recommendation template to use to write a recommendation letter for employment.

Professional References Format
Professional references format for a reference list for employment or business purposes.

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