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Reference Email for High School Student

Reference Email for High School Student Example


Sample Reference Email for a High School Student
When you send an email message providing a reference, be sure to include the name of the person you are referring in the subject line of your email message. Also include your contact information in the signature of your message.

Sample Reference Email for a High School Student

Subject Line: Reference - Erin Stillwater

Dear Ms. Posey,

I am writing to you regarding Erin Stillwater. Erin has been a dance student of mine since she was four years old. She has always been a very diligent young woman, and gives her activities complete dedication and commitment. I have seen her achieve academically and socially as she has grown, and believe she will be an asset in any position that she undertakes.

Erin's dance experience and knowledge have given her an ability to handle many levels of problem solving, and I feel confident recommending her for the internship opportunity that she is interested in with your company.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Isabella Scolari
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