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Reference Checks

Reference checks for employment including information on what employers can check, reference check questions, reference check forms, and sample reference check letters.
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Reference Checks
When you are job searching, expect to having your references checked by prospective employers. Here's what you need to know about reference checks, including the reference check questions your previous employers will be asked, what employers can disclose, and information on more detailed background and credit checks for employment.

Reference Check Questions
Sample reference check questions that employers use when checking a prospective employee's reference.

Reference Check Form
Review a sample reference check form to get an idea of what your previous employers may be asked when they are called regarding a reference check.

Reference List Sample
Sample reference list to provide to employers who request references.

List of References Format
Revew the format of list of references to provide to an employer during the hiring process.

Employment History Verification
An employment history verification is conducted by an employer to confirm that the employment information included on your resume and/or job application is accurate.

Negative References
Information on negative references, including what employers can say about employees, how to handle negative employment references, and how ensure your references are positive.

Sample Reference Check Letter
Sample letter for checking references.

Should Job Seekers Use Reference Checking Services?
Were you fired? Did you leave an employer on bad terms? Are you concerned about what your ex-boss might say about you to a future employer? If so, you may want to consider using a reference checking service to discover what your past employers are saying about you.

What Employers Can Say About Former Employees
One of the questions I get asked frequently is "What can an employer say about former employees?" Some job seekers presume that companies can only legally release dates of employment, salary, and your job title. However, that's not the case.

When Employers Can Say You Were Fired
Can an employer say you were fired? Here's when a prior employer can disclose that you were fired and what information they can share about your work history.

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